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A Wonder Card is sent together with a Mystery Gift, and it usually provides detail for the gift the player has received. Players who have three Wonder Cards already stored in their copy of Diamond, Pearl or Platinum cannot receive a new one, and should choose to delete used Wonder Cards before receiving another Mystery Gift. Also, discarded cards can never be retrieved.

Gifts with which Wonder Cards are bundled can be received from a deliveryman who waits in any Poké Mart. If a card is deleted before the gift is received in a Poké Mart, the gift will be deleted as well.

Obtained Wonder Cards can be viewed by accessing Mystery Gift from Pokémon Diamond's, Pokémon Pearl's,Pokémon Platinum's HeartGold's or SoulSilver's main menu (if it has already been unlocked), and selecting the "Check Card" option. Wonder Cards contain such information as the name of the bundled gift, whether or not the player has already received the gift before, the in-game event caused by the Pokémon, the date the gift was received in the game, and a brief description of the gift; an icon of the associated Pokémon is also displayed for further identification.

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