Wish Stone

The Wish Stone (Japanese: うたごえのいし Sing Stone) is an item that only exists in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It is obtained by rescuing Medicham of Team Meanies in Wish Cave, but another Wish Stone can be found on Wish Cave's 50F.


The Wish Stone has only one use. At the end of Wish Cave, the player will battle Jirachi. Upon being defeated, Jirachi will automatically ask to join the rescue team. However, if the player possesses the Wish Stone and turns down Jirachi's offer to join the team, Jirachi will offer to grant the player a wish.


If the player defeats Jirachi and has the Wish Stone, Jirachi allows the player to choose one wish from the following list.

Wish Effect
Lots of Money Jirachi will give between 10,000 and 18,000 Poké
Lots of Items Jirachi will give random items that can be found in Wish Cave.
Friend Area Jirachi will give one of the Friend Areas to the rescue team for free.
More Power Jirachi will give Joy Seeds and stat-boosting drinks.
Something Good? Jirachi will either:
  • Raise the rescue rank to the next level
  • If the player's team is Lucario Rank, a Pokémon that has not been recruited will show up in front of the Team Base and can be recruited, giving the required Friend Area in the process if necessary
  • If the player's team is Lucario Rank and has recruited all Pokémon, the player will receive money

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