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Water 3 (Egg Group)

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Egg Groups
Monster Human-Like
Water 1 Water 3
Bug Mineral
Flying Amorphous
Field Water 2
Fairy Ditto
Grass Dragon
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The Water 3 Egg Group (Japanese: すいちゅう3 Underwater 3) is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. Like its counterparts Water 1 and Water 2, it is mostly made up of Water-type Pokémon.


The Water 3 Egg Group is mostly characterized by its members' resemblance to aquatic invertebrates; most are Water types. Despite their lack of resemblance to invertebrates, most Fossil Pokémon belong to this group; Aerodactyl, Cranidos, Rampardos, Shieldon, and Template:Bastiodon are the only Fossil Pokémon which instead belong to other Egg Groups.

It is a relatively small Egg Group. Most Pokémon that are capable of breeding into other Egg Groups breed into the Water 1 Group.


Only in this Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type
072 072 Tentacool Water Poison
073 073 Tentacruel Water Poison
090 090 Shellder Water
091 091 Cloyster Water Ice
098 098 Krabby Water
099 099 Kingler Water
120 120 Staryu Water
121 121 Starmie Water Psychic
345 345 Lileep Rock Grass
346 346 Cradily Rock Grass
347 347 Anorith Rock Bug
348 348 Armaldo Rock Bug

In this and another Egg Group

#   Pokémon Type Other
138 138 Omanyte Rock Water Water 1
139 139 Omastar Rock Water Water 1
140 140 Kabuto Rock Water Water 1
141 141 Kabutops Rock Water Water 1
222 222 Corsola Water Rock Water 1
341 341 Corphish Water Water 1
342 342 Crawdaunt Water Dark Water 1
451 451 Skorupi Poison Bug Bug
452 452 Drapion Poison Dark Bug
564 564 Tirtouga Water Rock Water 1
565 565 Carracosta Water Rock Water 1
566 566 Archen Rock Flying Flying
567 567 Archeops Rock Flying Flying

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese すいちゅう3 (水中3) Suichū3
French Canada Flag.png Canada Eau 3
France Flag.png Europe Eau 3
Germany Flag.png German Wasser 3
Italy Flag.png Italian Acqua 3
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Agua 3
Spain Flag.png Spain Agua 3