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|ja=高田由美 ''Yumi Takada''
|ja=高田由美 ''Yumi Takada''
|en=[[Lisa Adams]] ([[4Kids Entertainment|4Kids]] dub)<br>[[Sonny Dey]] ({{TPCi}} dub)
|en=[[Lisa Adams]] ([[4Kids Entertainment|4Kids]] dub)<br>[[Sonny Dey]] ({{TPCi}} dub)
|ko=김서영 ''Gim Seo Yeong''
|pt_br=Denise Reis ([[AG035]])<br>Cecília Lemes ([[AG051]]-present)
|pt_br=Denise Reis ([[AG035]])<br>Cecília Lemes ([[AG051]]-present)
|nl=Marjolein Algera
|nl=Marjolein Algera
Line 38: Line 39:
|es_eu=Ana María Marí
|es_eu=Ana María Marí
|pl=Iwona Rulewicz}}
|pl=Iwona Rulewicz}}

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Vivian Meridian
ビビアン Vivian
Vivian Meridian.png
Vivian at the Hoenn Grand Festival.
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Relatives Lilian Meridian (sister)
Anime debut Win, Lose, or Drew!
English voice actor Lisa Adams (4Kids)
Sonny Dey (TPCi)
Japanese voice actor Yumi Takada

Vivian Meridian (Japanese: ビビアン Vivian) is a character in the Pokémon anime. She is the Hoenn Contest announcer.


Vivian's job is mostly to reiterate what is going on during the Pokémon Contest, similar to an announcer at a sporting event. In addition, she also introduces the Coordinators as they enter the stadium.

Vivian is the sister of Lilian. The two of them look identical apart from what side the mole on their face is on. However, they have drastically different personalities.

During the Kanto Grand Festival, Vivian was a guest judge while her sister was the host.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高田由美 Yumi Takada
English Lisa Adams (4Kids dub)
Sonny Dey (TPCi dub)
Dutch Marjolein Algera
Korean 김서영 Gim Seo Yeong
Polish Iwona Rulewicz
Brazilian Portuguese Denise Reis (AG035)
Cecília Lemes (AG051-present)
Spanish Latin America Romy Mendoza
Spain Ana María Marí


  • In The Rise of Darkrai, Marian can be seen hosting the Alamos Town Contest, however she has a mole on the left side of her face (which she normally doesn't have) making her look exactly like Vivian.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ビビアン Vivian
English, German Vivian Meridian From her Japanese name.
French Viviane From her Japanese name.
Korean 비비안 Vivian From her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 薇薇安 Wéiwéiān Transliteration of her Japanese name.

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