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|descbwb2w2=A shard which fell to the ground when a comet approached. A maniac will buy it for a high price.
|descbwb2w2=A shard which fell to the ground when a comet approached. A maniac will buy it for a high price.
|locbw=[[Giant Chasm]], held by {{wild|Clefairy}}, {{wild|Clefable}}, {{wild|Lunatone}}, and {{wild|Solrock}} (1%), {{dwa|Rugged Mountain}}
|locbw=[[Giant Chasm]], held by {{wild|Clefairy}}, {{wild|Clefable}}, {{wild|Lunatone}}, and {{wild|Solrock}} (1%), {{dwa|Rugged Mountain}}
|locb2w2=[[Dragonspiral Tower]], held by {{wild|Clefairy}}, {{wild|Clefable}}, {{wild|Lunatone}}, and {{wild|Solrock}} (1%), {{dwa|Rugged Mountain}}
|locb2w2=[[Join Avenue]], [[Dragonspiral Tower]], held by {{wild|Clefairy}}, {{wild|Clefable}}, {{wild|Lunatone}}, and {{wild|Solrock}} (1%), {{dwa|Rugged Mountain}}

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A valuable item is an item which generally serves no practical purpose other than to be sold, usually for a high price.

In Generation II and IV, it is possible to buy some of these items for a discount (but only one of each per day) on Mondays in the morning in the Goldenrod Tunnel. In Pokémon Black, some of these items are sold in Black City, albeit for prices much higher than they can be sold for. Often, these items later become exchangeable items. In Generation V, mulches and flutes became valuable items due to losing their function. While most of these items can be sold at Poké Marts, those introduced in Generation V can only be sold to certain item maniacs. Besides Big Nuggets, Pearl Strings and Comet Shards, the player can also sell normal Nuggets, Pearls and Big Pearls, Stardust and Star Pieces to the maniac inside the Icirrus Pokémon Center, for double the price presented below.

Valuable items that can be sold in Poké Marts


Main article: Mulch


Main article: Flute

Valuable items that can only be sold to item maniacs in Unova

Route 5

Icirrus City

Undella Town

Bargain Shop

In the Goldenrod Tunnel on Monday mornings in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, a man sells a set of valuable items for a discount. However, each one can only be purchased once per week. The prices are around 10% cheaper than the normal sell prices.

Bargain Shop
Nugget Nugget
Pokémon Dollar4500
Pearl Pearl
Pokémon Dollar650
Big Pearl Big Pearl
Pokémon Dollar3500
Stardust Stardust
Pokémon Dollar900
Star Piece Star Piece
Pokémon Dollar4600



These are artwork of the items as seen in the Sinnoh Underground

Mine Star Piece.png Mine Rare Bone 1.png Mine Rare Bone 2.png
Star Piece Rare Bone

Dream World

These are artwork of the items as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Nugget Sprite.png Dream Pearl Sprite.png Dream Big Pearl Sprite.png Dream Rare Bone Sprite.png
Nugget Pearl Big Pearl Rare Bone
Dream Stardust Sprite.png Dream Star Piece Sprite.png Dream TinyMushroom Sprite.png Dream Big Mushroom Sprite.png
Stardust Star Piece TinyMushroom Big Mushroom


  • The SlowpokeTail is actually a useless item with no function past its monetary value. Although it is said that a Slowpoke will use its tail for fishing, a SlowpokeTail has no effect on fishing at all, nor does it have any effect on Shellder despite the fact that contact with a Slowpoke's tail usually induces a spiral change.
  • The first time that humans eating Pokémon is mentioned explicitly in the games is when a Team Rocket member mentions the SlowpokeTail's value as a delicacy.
  • The Japanese name for nugget, きんのたま kin no tama, literally means "golden ball", which is also a colloquial term for testicles. The man offering his "golden ball" is a frequent joke amongst Japanese fans. As this pun would be lost in translation, as well as would not go over well with parent groups, it was translated as "nugget of wisdom".
  • The Rare Bone and Thick Club share the same Bag sprite.

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