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User:Zesty Cactus/Parties

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All of my parties. Ever. Some of these parties suck and/or are at really arbitrary points in the game because sometimes I start a new file on my "spare" version and then abandon it. (see: Yellow, FireRed, Ruby)

Red Version

Red Version (JP)

I totally abandoned this file halfway through 'cause I got sick of fumbling through Japanese. But here we are anyways. :P

Red Version (FR)

I picked this up to practice my French, but since then it has totally become my goal to own Red version in every single language ever. Anyone got a Spanish, German, or Italian cartridge? :P

Yellow Version

Oh, I guess I started a new game and then abandoned it. Okay.

Silver Version

These guys all live in Pokémon Stadium 2, but they came from Silver. I'm scared to ever play Silver again because my battery's days are numbered.

P.S. Lamest team ever, I know, but I've had these guys since grade four! I've never ever started a new game in Silver.

Crystal Version

Ruby Version

Another abandoned new game... what else is new? :P For this party, I bred a lot of "fun" Pokémon at the beginning of the game and traded over a ton of guys from LG/Emerald... so I actually really like this team.

Emerald Version

MY FAVOURITE PARTYYYYYYYY :D I have put the most work into these guys, and I'm the most proud of them. The Ho-Oh is legit, he's from Colosseum. So are Espeon and Houndoom, actually. I have a bunch of other "trained guys", but these are my main party.

FireRed Version

Abandoned new game, what else is new.

LeafGreen Version

Diamond Version

Platinum Version

Like in Emerald, I have about 490584 "trained guys", these are just my "main" party.

SoulSilver Version