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List of moves by anime debut

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This is a list of moves and the anime episode they debuted in. Please note that Bulbapedia considers the movies to be separate from the main anime, regardless of their canonicity, and therefore moves like Doom Desire and Judgment, which have not yet appeared in an episode, do not have an episode listed.

List of moves by anime debut

# Name Episode User
001 TM Normal Pound 1062EP062 Jigglypuff (anime) 039
002 TM Fighting* Karate Chop 1029EP029 Machop 066
003 TM Normal DoubleSlap 1045EP045 Jigglypuff (anime) 039
004 TM Normal Comet Punch 1029EP029 Anthony's Hitmonchan 107
005 TM Normal Mega Punch 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu 026
006 TM Normal Pay Day 1123EP123 The Black Arachnid's Meowth 052
007 TM Fire Fire Punch 1058EP058 Blaine's Magmar 126
008 TM Ice Ice Punch 1099EP099 Prima's Jynx 124
009 TM Electric ThunderPunch 1042EP042 Kaz's Electabuzz 125
010 TM Normal Scratch 1004EP004 Meowth (Team Rocket) 052
011 TM Normal ViceGrip 1075EP075 Ash's Krabby 098
012 TM Normal Guillotine 2127AG127 Morrison's Gligar 207
013 TM Normal Razor Wind 1075EP075 Mandi's Golbat 042
014 TM Normal Swords Dance 1042EP042 Yas's Scyther 123
015 TM Normal Cut 1042EP042 Yas's Scyther 123
016 TM Flying* Gust 1001EP001 Pidgey 016
017 TM Flying Wing Attack 1007EP007 Ash's Pidgeotto 017
018 TM Normal Whirlwind 1006EP006 Ash's Butterfree 012
020 TM Normal Bind 1005EP005 Brock's Onix 095
021 TM Normal Slam 1077EP077 Jeanette Fisher's Bellsprout 069
022 TM Grass Vine Whip 1004EP004 Bulbasaur 001
023 TM Normal Stomp 1075EP075 Ash's Krabby 098
024 TM Fighting Double Kick 1100EP100 Emily's Nidoran♀
Ralph's Nidoran♂
025 TM Normal Mega Kick 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu 026
026 TM Fighting Jump Kick 1015EP015*
Ash's Raticate*
Shiro's Hitmonlee*
027 TM Fighting Rolling Kick 1166EP166 Shiro's Hitmonlee 106
028 TM Ground* Sand-Attack 1001EP001 Pidgey 016
029 TM Normal Headbutt 1061EP061 Cerulean Gym's Seel 086
030 TM Normal Horn Attack 1001EP001 Nidorino 033
031 TM Normal Fury Attack 1049EP049 Keith's Farfetch'd 083
032 TM Normal Horn Drill 1058EP058 Blaine's Rhydon 112
033 TM Normal Tackle 1001EP001 Onix 095
034 TM Normal Body Slam 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu 026
035 TM Normal Wrap 1008EP008 Jessie's Ekans 023
036 TM Normal Take Down 1014EP014 Lt. Surge's Raichu 026
037 TM Normal Thrash 1025EP025 A wild Mankey 056
038 TM Normal Double-Edge 1045EP045 Misty's Staryu 120
039 TM Normal Tail Whip 1032EP032 Misty's Psyduck 054
040 TM Poison Poison Sting 1004EP004 A wild Weedle 013
041 TM Bug Twineedle 1004EP004 A wild Beedrill 015
042 TM Bug Pin Missile 1040EP040 Sparky's Jolteon 135
043 TM Normal Leer 1009EP009 Giselle's Cubone 104
044 TM Dark* Bite 1008EP008 Jessie's Ekans 023
045 TM Normal Growl 1139EP139 Mary's Fluffy 179
046 TM Normal Roar 1227EP227 A wild Suicune 245
047 TM Normal Sing 1045EP045 Jigglypuff 039
048 TM Normal Supersonic 1006EP006 Brock's Zubat 041
049 TM Normal SonicBoom 1177EP177 Zachary Evans's Yanma 193
050 TM Normal Disable 1032EP032 Misty's Psyduck 054
051 TM Poison Acid 1016EP016 Jessie's Ekans 023
052 TM Fire Ember 1032EP032 Ash's Charmander 004
053 TM Fire Flamethrower 1004EP004 An unknown trainer's Charmander 004
054 TM Ice Mist 1113EP113 Multiple wild Lapras 131
055 TM Water Water Gun 1006EP006 Misty's Staryu 120
056 TM Water Hydro Pump 1060EP060 A wild Blastoise 009
057 TM Water Surf 1204EP204 Pietra's Rhydon 112
058 TM Ice Ice Beam 1039.5Holiday Hi-Jynx Santa Claus's Lapras 131
059 TM Ice Blizzard 1099EP099 Prima's Cloyster 091
060 TM Psychic Psybeam 1024EP024 Sabrina's Kadabra 064
061 TM Water BubbleBeam 1256EP256** Pietra's Marill 183
062 TM Ice Aurora Beam 1061EP061 Seel (Cerulean Gym) 086
063 TM Normal Hyper Beam 1067EP067* A wild Gyarados 130
064 TM Flying Peck 1001EP001 Multiple wild Spearow 021
065 TM Flying Drill Peck 1131EP131 Falkner's Dodrio 085
066 TM Fighting Submission 1168EP059 Ash's Charizard 006
067 TM Fighting Low Kick 1162EP162 A wild Sudowoodo 185
068 TM Fighting Counter 1146EP146* Jessie's Wobbuffet 202
069 TM Fighting Seismic Toss 1028EP028 Brock's Geodude 074
070 TM Normal Strength 1115EP115 Gary's Nidoqueen 031