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Personally, though I have no gripes with this site, there are several pages with templates that aren't uniform , namely the pokédex templates.

I might eventually think of something to put in this big, blank space.

Diamond (A work in progress)

Sprite Gender Level Nature Area Met Hold Item Ability Moves
Poké Ball III.png Inferno
? Level 100  ??? Trust Lake
(recieved at level 5)
 ??? Blaze ???
(?) Voltaire
? Level 100  ??? Route 202
(caught at level ?)
 ??? Beligerence ???
(?) Tecton
? Level 100  ??? Ruin Maniac's Cave
(caught at level ??)
 ??? Sand Stream ???
(?) Emrit
None Level 100  ??? ???
(caught at level 50)
 ??? Levitate ???
(?) Chernobog
None Level 100  ??? Return Cave
(caught at level 70))
 ??? Pressure ???
(?) Mickey
None Level 100  ??? Pokémon Ranger
(Imported at level 1)
 ??? Hydration ???