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Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur: II -> I Light Screen (Egg) Petal Dance (Egg) Razor Wind (Egg) Skull Bash (Egg)

III -> IV SolarBeam (Level Up [Bulbasaur only])

IV -> V Block (IV Tutor [Venusaur only]) Outrage (IV Tutor [Venusaur only]) SolarBeam (III Level Up [Bulbasaur only])

Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard I->II Fissure (TM27 [Charizard only]) Leer (Level up)

II->I Bite (Egg) Dragon Rage (Level up) Headbutt (TM02) Roar (TM05 [Charizard only]) Rock Slide (Egg) Smokescreen (Level up) Wing Attack (Level up [Charizard Only])

Lost in Gen III Crunch (Regain IV Egg) Fissure [Charizard Only] Leer Sandstorm [Charizard only]

III->IV Metal Claw (Level up FRLG) Rage (Level up RSE)

IV->V Air Cutter (Tutor IV [Charizard only]) Defog (TM DPP [Charizard only]) Dragon Pulse (TM IV [Charizard only]) Heat Wave (IV Tutor [Charmander, Charmeleon only]) Howl (IV Event Preevo) Metal Claw (Level up FRLG) Ominous Wind (Tutor IV [Charizard only]) Quick Attack (IV Event Preevo) Rage (Level up RSE) Roost (TM IV [Charizard only]) Steel Wing (TM IV [Charizard only]) Tailwind (Tutor IV [Charizard only]) Twister (Tutor IV [Charizard only])

Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise I->II Bubblebeam (TM11) Fissure (TM27) [Blastoise only] Ice Beam (TM13)

II->I Confusion (Egg) Haze (Egg) Mist (Egg)

Lost in Gen III Bubblebeam Confusion Fissure [Blastoise only] Zap Cannon

III->IV Counter (Tutor III)

IV->V Avalanche (TM IV [Blastoise only]) Brine (TM IV) Counter (Tutor III) Ice Punch (Tutor IV) Icy Wind (Tutor IV) Outrage (Tutor IV [Blastoise only]) Rollout (Tutor IV) Signal Beam (Tutor IV [Blastoise only]) Zen Headbutt (Tutor IV)

Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree (All Butterfree unless otherwise stated) I->II Psywave (TM46) Razor Wind (TM02) Teleport (TM30)

II->I -None-

Lost in Gen III Psywave Sweet Scent Teleport

III->IV Morning Sun (Level up XD) Nightmare (XD)

IV->V Air Cutter (Tutor IV) Bug Bite (Tutor IV) Giga Drain (IV TM) Iron Defense (Tutor IV Metapod) Morning Sun (Level up XD) Nightmare (XD) Ominous Wind (Tutor IV) Roost (IV TM) Signal Beam (Tutor IV) Skill Swap (IV TM) Snore (Tutor IV Caterpie+)) Swift (Tutor IV) Twister (Tutor IV)


II->I -none-

Lost in Gen III Bide Curse Mega Drain Reflect Skull Bash Sweet Scent Take Down

III->IV Baton Pass (Level up XD) Double-edge (Tutor III) Mimic (Tutor III)

IV->V Air Cutter (Tutor IV) Baton Pass (Level up XD) Bug Bite (Tutor, [from Kakuna onwards]) Captivate (IV TM78) Double-edge (Tutor III) Endure (IV TM58) Fury Cutter (Tutor IV) Giga Drain (IV TM19) Iron Defense (Tutor, [from Kakuna only]) Knock Off (Tutor IV) Mimic (Tutor III) Natural Gift (IV TM83) Ominous Wind (Tutor IV) Roost (IV TM51) Secret Power (IV TM43) Silver Wind (IV TM62) Sleep Talk (IV TM82) Snore (Tutor IV) Swift (Tutor IV) Tailwind (Tutor IV)

Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot I->II II->I Tackle (Level up) Lost in Gen III III->IV IV->V

I->II II->I Lost in Gen III III->IV IV->V

I->II II->I Lost in Gen III III->IV IV->V