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Super Wet Bros.

Characters Pokémon
Mario MarillMarill/MudkipShiny Mudkip
Luigi MudkipMudkip/MarillShiny Marill
Princess Peach AudinoAudino
Princess Daisy BunearyBuneary
Wario ThrohThroh
Waluigi SawkSawk
Yoshi TreeckoTreecko
Donkey Kong InfernapeInfernape
Koopa Troopa TurtwigTurtwig
Bowser HeatranHeatran

Chinese Zodiac and Pokémon (template)

Sign Pokémon*
Rat MinunMinun and PatratPatrat
Ox TaurosTauros and MiltankMiltank
Tiger PuruglyPurugly
Rabbit BunearyBuneary and AudinoAudino
Dragon SalamenceSalamence and GabiteGabite
Snake SnivySnivy and SeviperSeviper
Horse PonytaPonyta and ZebstrikaZebstrika
Goat MareepMareep
Monkey PansagePansage, PansearPansear and PanpourPanpour
Rooster TorchicTorchic
Dog EeveeEevee and PoochyenaPoochyena
Pig SwinubSwinub, SpoinkSpoink and TepigTepig

Pokémon that cannot be traded without nicknames (confirmed)

See also:List of censored words in Pokémon Black and White Versions

# Pokémon name Why
Froslass Froslass "Ass" for a female-only Pokémon is too *bleep censored*.
Nosepass Nosepass
Probopass Probopass
Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
Ivysaur Ivysaur
Venusaur Venusaur
Gabite Gabite "Bite" for a Dragon-type Pokémon is terrible.
Conkeldurr Conkeldurr