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(I give up...)
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Date joined: December 29, 2007<br>
Date joined: December 29, 2007<br>
'''MY DIAMOND TEAM''' (As of October 25, 2008)<br>
{|border="1" style="border: 1px solid #000; border-collapse: collapse;" width=500px cellspacing="0"
| align=center colspan=2 | [[Image:390.png]]&rarr;[[Image:391.png]]<br>[[Monferno (Pokémon)|Chimchar &rarr; Monferno]]
| align=center colspan=3 | [[Image:041.png]]&rarr;[[Image:042.png]]&rarr;[[Image:169.png]]<br>[[Golbat (Pokémon)|Zubat &rarr; Golbat &rarr; Crobat]]
| align=center colspan=2 | [[Image:DPManaphyEgg.png]]&rarr;[[Image:490.png]]<br>[[Manaphy (Pokémon)|Egg &rarr; Manaphy]]
| align=center colspan=2 | [[Image:406.png]]&rarr;[[Image:315.png]]<br>[[Roselia (Pokémon)|Budew &rarr; Roselia]]
| align=center | [[Image:355.png]]<br>{{p|Duskull}}

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Date joined: December 29, 2007