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XY series

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Pocket Monsters XY
XY series poster.png
A pre-release poster for the XY series.
Episodes Ongoing
(XY001 - present)
Region Kalos
Preceded by Best Wishes series
Followed by Unannounced
Japanese theme(s)
Dub season(s)

The XY series (Japanese: ポケットモンスターXY Pocket Monsters XY) is the fifth series of the Pokémon anime, following after the Best Wishes series, and based on the events of the Generation VI games. It began airing in Japan on October 17, 2013.

As with the last three series before it, the XY series begins with only Ash Ketchum, headed off to a new region with his Pikachu. His previous companions, Iris and Cilan left the series. He begins his journey in Lumiose City.

It is currently unknown how many seasons the series will be divided into for audiences outside of Japan.

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