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[[Professor Sycamore]] • [[Alexa]] • [[Clemont]] • [[Grant]] • [[Shauna]] • [[Tierno]] • [[Trevor]] • [[Viola]] • {{ga|Calem}}{{ga|Shauna}} • [[Team Flare]]<noinclude>[[Category:NPCs navigation templates]]</noinclude>
[[Professor Sycamore]]<!-- • [[Mom]]--> • {{ga|Calem}} • {{ga|Serena}} • [[Shauna]] • [[Tierno]] • [[Trevor]] • [[Alexa]]<br>[[<!--Template:Team Flare| (Unwrap when a template is created)-->Team Flare]]<!-- • [[Gym guide|Clyde]]--> • [[Gym Leader#Kalos League|Gym Leaders]]<!--[[Elite Four#Kalos Elite Four|Elite Four]][[Name Rater]] • [[Stats judge|Judge]]--><noinclude>[[Category:NPCs navigation templates]]</noinclude>

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