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| class="c" | It's a Forest Pokémon, plus I might as well try to be unique with this guy and it's partner, Volbeat.
| class="c" | It's a Forest Pokémon, plus I might as well try to be unique with this guy and it's partner, Volbeat.
| class="l" | {{p|Budew}}/{{p|Roselia}}/{{p|Roserade}}
| class="l" | {{p|Budew}}/{{p|Roselia}}
| class="c" | "Rose Town" from Super Mario RPG
| class="c" | "Rose Town" from Super Mario RPG

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Pokémon Song Reason


"Treetop Tumble" from Donkey Kong Country 3 This song seems to go great with the Hoenn Grass starter family's arboreal-acrobatic talents.


"Route 101" from Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire I have no idea. Plus the song I have in mind in Blaziken doesn't really fit with these two.
Blaziken257.png "Rawk Hawk" from Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door See what I mean? This song is fit for nothing less than an awesome fiery rooster that knows how to pack a wallop.


"Bayou Boogie" from Donkey Kong Country 2 Mudkipz liek to be in swampz.


"Be Prepared" from "The Lion King" Non-game music!?! I must be crazy.


"Honeyhive/Golden Leaf Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy Mostly for the fact that this theme is used the Golden Leaf Galaxy, which is what the powers of a tanuki are centered around.


"Sweet Sweets" from Super Mario Galaxy Meh, why not? I already used this for Butterfree and Leidan...


"Escape From the Woods" from Wario Land 2 Same reasons as Venomoth.


"Koopa Cape" from Mario Kart Wii The Lotad family and Koopas are both based off of Kappas and themes for Koopa Cape have a beat that Ludicolo can dance to.


"Toadwood Forest" from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time This dark and mysterious forest theme fits with Nuzleaf's and Shiftry's Dark-type nature.


"Winged Fortress Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 To emphasis that these Early-game bird are tough and tenacious; willing to stand up against anyone.


"Stilt Village" from Donkey Kong Country 3 Seagulls and pelicans are usually seen at piers.


"Ballroom" from Luigi's Mansion The song fits their somewhat ghostly nature and their love to dance.


"Ghostly Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy This song is also known as "Teresa Waltz". Plus, the Ballroom theme from Luigi's Mansion sounds to cutesy for Gardevoir and Gallade.


"Pool of Rain" from Wario Land 3 Well, I didn't want to get stuck with "Bayou Boogie" again.
Shroomish285.png "Mushroom Plains" from New Super Bros. Because it's a mushroom?
Breloom286.png "Mushroom Gorge" from Mario Kart Wii Breloom dances around somewhat like a kangaroo, this song fits that.
Slakoth287.png "Dodo's Beak Dodge" from Super Mario RPG It expresses Slakoth's laziness.
Vigoroth288.png "Fight Against A Somewhat Stronger Monster" from Super Mario RPG Vigoroth is very hyperactive, and this theme expresses that.
Slaking289.png "Dodo's Beak Dodge" from Super Mario RPG And we're back to the laziness factor.
Nincada290.png "Sammer's Kingdom" from Super Paper Mario Well, it may not be samurais per say; but Nincada is still inspired by Asian martial arts.
Ninjask291.png "Battle Time" from Super Paper Mario Same reasons as Scyther.
Shedinja292.png "Creepy Castle Lobby" from Donkey Kong 64 Something as creepy as a re-animated bug's shell deserve a theme that's exceptionally creepy.
Whismur/Loudred/ExploudAni293MS.pngAni294MS.pngAni295MS.png "Kannon's Klaim" from Donkey Kong Country 2 Well, these guys do live in caves and this song seems to fit the fact they're themed with loudness and cacophony.


"Fight Theme" from Mike Tyson's Punch Out Once again, I have no idea on this one...


"Easton Kingdom" from Super Mario Land Well, they're based off of those Eastern Island statues, right?
Skitty300.png "Meowth Bonus Stage" from Pokémon Pinball The song sounds like a playful romp, which fits with Skitty's personality.
Delcatty301.png "Valentina's Theme" from Super Mario RPG The song sounds very sophisticated, which suits it's unfettered existence.
Sableye302.png "Crystal Cave" from Super Mario World 2 Mostly because the glittery tone fits with Sableye's gem fixation.
Mawile303.png "Kannon's Klaim" from Donkey Kong Country 2 Mawile live caves plus this song has a heavy metal rhythm


"Kannon's Klaim" from Donkey Kong Country 2 Same reason as Mawile.


"Chai Kingdom" from Super Mario Land An Asian-sounding theme seems to fit with these guys.


"Huff N. Puff's theme" from Paper Mario I swear that I'm only going to use this song one more time this one.


"Overworld theme" from Super Mario Bros Because I'm determined to believe that Plusle and Minun's shiny forms were based off the Mario Brothers.
Volbeat313.png "Out of the Woods: Day" from Wario Land 3 It's a Forest Pokémon, plus I might as well try to be unique with this guy and it's partner, Illumise.
Illumise314.png "Out of the Woods: Night" from Wario Land 3 It's a Forest Pokémon, plus I might as well try to be unique with this guy and it's partner, Volbeat.


"Rose Town" from Super Mario RPG Because they're Rose Pokémon


"Pokey Pipes" from Donkey Kong Country 3 Well, mostly because they're the Generation III counterparts of Grimer and Muk.


"Gloomy Galleon" from Donkey Kong 64 Oh come on, must I explain this one?


"Beneath the Waves" This remix of "Aquatic Ambience" fits with Wailmer and Wailord because of the whale calls in the background.


"Thwomp Caverns" Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time It's fiery and the slow tempo fits with these guys' sluggishness.
Torkoal324.png "Thwomp Caverns" Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Same reason a Numel and Camerupt.


"Bouncy Wario" Wario Land 2 and 3 Because they Bounce.
Spinda327.png "Crazy Wario" Wario Land 2 and 3 The way that Spinda constantly act dizzy really fits with this song.


"Gritzy Desert" Brawl Remix They're desert Pokémon and Flygon is known as a "Mystic Pokémon".


"Barran Desert" from Keita Denjuu Telefang 1 It may be from an obscure game, but this song seems to fit with desert lurkers like Cacturne.


"Cloud Level" from Donkey Kong Land I have got to stop putting Donkey Kong related music into these things. At least this one is something isn't one that I've used already...
Zangoose335.png "Main Street Colosseum" from Pokémon Colosseum I'm absolutely clueless on this one.
Seviper336.png "Angry Aztec: Temples" from Donkey Kong 64 Mostly for the sound of hissing snakes in it.


"Desert Ruins" from Wario Land 3 Well, those ruins have one side has a moon shrine and the other has a sun shrine.


"Enchanted Riverbank" from Donkey Kong Country 3 Once again, I'm avoiding "Bayou Boogie". I don't even think that catfish live in swamps anyway.
Corphish341.png "Koopa Troopa Beach" from Mario Kart 64 Well, it does have crabs in it...
Crawdaunt342.png "Gloomy Galleon" from Donkey Kong 64 Dang it! I swear that this is the last I'll be using this song...


"Hoohoo Mountain" from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga These guys are the idols of an ancient civilization, much like how Hoohoo Mountains was the home of an ancient civilization of the Beanbean Kingdom. Plus the name coincides with Claydol resemblance to Hoothoot. :P


"Floro Caverns" from Super Paper Mario The song has a nice prehistoric tone to it which fits with the fact that Lileep and Cradily are ancient plants.


"Downtown Crag" from Super Paper Mario This song was used in the same chapter as Super Paper Mario as "Floro Caverns". Not much else, brah.
Feebas349.png "Dodo's Beak Dodge" from Super Mario RPG Same reasons as Magikarp.
Milotic350.png "Mermaid's Palace" from Donkey Kong 64 Well, Milotic does draw inspiration from mermaids.
Castform351.png "Cloud Levels" from Donkey Kong Land It looks like a cloud.
Kecleon352.png "Fort Francis" from Super Paper Mario Nerrrr... I can definitely picture Kecleon dancing "The Robot" to this HIGH TECHNICAAAAAL song. Plus, Francis and Kecleon are both chameleons.


"Luigi's Mansion" from Mario Kart DS Well, I guess that any ghostly music will fit with theses guys.


"Cresent Moon Village" from Wario Land 4 It fits how these guys were inspired by the Bogey Man and the Grim Reaper.
Tropius357.png "Gelato Beach" from Super Mario Sunshine Because it's tropical.


"Mt. Pyre: Outer Wall" from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Well, it's were one would catch a Chimecho.
Absol359.png "Bowser's Keep (Second Time)" from Super Mario RPG It sounds like a great tragedy is coming forth and Absol is infamous for appearing when disaster strikes.
Snorunt361.png "Vanilla Lake" from Super Mario Kart It sounds icy and cutesy, like Snorunt.
Glalie362.png "Elemental Palace/Joke's End" from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga This song sounds as cold and forbidding as Glalie's icy stare.


"Spheal Bonus stage" from Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire Gah! I can't believe I'm doing this kind of thing again! >_<
Walrein365.png "Iced Land" from Super Mario Bros. 3 Well, the previous one didn't really fit with Walrein, anyway.


"Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong Country I've got to stop using this one, but it especially fits with Gorebyss.
Huntail367.png "Water World" from Donkey Kong Country 3 Huntail is a bit shadier than Gorebyss, which fits with this song.
Relicanth369.png "Water World" from Donkey Kong Country 3 A dark and mysterious water theme also seems to fit with an ancient aquatic Pokémon.
Luvdisc370.png "Underwater World" from New Super Mario Bros. This cutesy aquatic theme really fits with a Pokémon that's useless, but not ugly.


"The Canyon" from New Super Mario Bros. Uh... Not really sure what would've fit with these two. All I know is that what I have planned for Salamence won't fit with these two.
Salamence373.png "Fungi Forest Boss" from Donkey Kong 64 What did I tell you? This song just screams the chaos and destruction that Salamence can dish out. Plus, this song was boss music for a dragon.


"Hideout Helm" from Donkey Kong 64 This song especially fits with Metagross, who is a real beast at competitive battling.


"Regi Battle" from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Well, it's their own battle music.


"Sky Sanctuary" from Sonic & Knuckles I don't know why, but this song does seem to fit with the Lati twins.
Kyogre382.png "Kyogre Bonus Stage" from Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire Once again, it was Kyogre's own personal bonus stage..
Groudon383.png "Groudon Bonus Stage" from Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire Words don't seem to do justice as to why this fits.
Rayquaza384.png "Rayquaza Bonus Stage" from Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire I'm not going to bother to explain this one.
Jirachi385.png "Rainbow Road" from Mario Kart: Super Circuit Just trying to keep up the pattern of having the mini-Psychic ledgendaries be associated with Rainbow Road themes.
Deoxys386.png "Deoxys Battle" from Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen Once more, this was Deoxys's own personal battle music.

Gen IV

Pokémon Song Reason


"Forest Frenzy" from Donkey Kong Country Well, the other Grass starters have a Forest theme from the Donkey Kong series for there themes, might as well give the remaining one to the plant-based turtles...


"Flowing Lava" from New Super Mario Bros. The song is fast-paced, which fits with how fast Infernape is.
Piplup393.png "The Snow Plains" from New Super Mario Bros. A cute sounding ice-theme for a cute, (somewhat) icy Pokémon.
Prinplup394.png "The Snow Plains-Versus Mode" from New Super Mario Bros. Well, a theme as cutesy as the previous one doesn't really fit that well with Prinplup.
Empoleon395.png "NSMB Castle: Ice Remix" by SonicMaster This one is truly fitting to an emperor of the frozen south.


"Sky Chase Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Because the song sounds airy and peaceful, which fits with these Early-game birds.
Staraptor398.png "Wing Fortress Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 This song fits with Staraptor's aggressive personality.


"Let's Go Down the Wine River" from Super Mario RPG I don't know, it sounded "beaverish" to me...


"Honeyhive Galaxy/Golden Leaf Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy Well, one of the instruments in the song is a xylophone, and Kricketot's call sounds like a xylophone. There also some string-instrument parts in the song, which fits with Kricketune.


"Huff N. Puff's theme" from Paper Mario Because of the slow, electric beat.