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(Elite Four Teams)
m (Fire Team: No idea what you meant with "Rock Power", so left it blank.)
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|ability=Flame Body
|ability=Flame Body
|move1=Earth Power|move1type=Ground|move1cat=Special
|move1=Earth Power|move1type=Ground|move1cat=Special
|move2=Rock Power|move2type=Rock|move2cat=Physical
|move4=Lava Plume|move4type=Fire|move4cat=Special}}
|move4=Lava Plume|move4type=Fire|move4cat=Special}}
Line 1,153: Line 1,153:
|move4=Wild Charge|move4type=Electric|move4cat=Physical}}
|move4=Wild Charge|move4type=Electric|move4cat=Physical}}
===Flying Team===
===Flying Team===

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