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Hello fellow Pokefans I hope you enjoy reading my pages, and feel free to ask me questions at any time. Also please take note that some of my articles may seem like a load of mumbo jumbo but they are actually fairly important, one example of this is my Kyledex you may not think that this means much but when it is finished read it carefully and it will give you alot of info on fake pokemon so that you will know when someone wants to trade you a pokemon or pokemon card you will know if it is fake or not.

Here are some of the articles I have written and/or helped significantly:

Yay, Christmas is coming! 389

My Wi-Fi Offers

I am going to make some exclusive offers to the users of Bulbapedia on Wi-Fi, if you would like to make an offer just put it on my Trade With Me Article.

Level 100s:

I have found my Wi-Fi, it is up and fully functional, I will be accepting offers as from today.

MysteryHeff?'s Special Articles


The Kyledex. The Kyledex is in 4 different nations, these are; Heffland, Lukeapean, Kylearctica & Ormsband. Pokemon are found in all 4 of these nations. Some of these pokemon are not found in the Kanto, Johto, Hoen or Sinnoh. Some of these Pokemon are modifications of the originals.

(For full article see The Kyledex).

I will be trying to add some more info to the Kyledex over the coming weeks, so if you have any questions, comments, or even ideas please post them on my talk page.

Very Important News!!! (Old)


  • Don't forget to play Pokémon Diamond or Pearl on the 12th of January 2008, because there will be some thing different in the game, as it explains in the Bulbanews, if you missed this simply set your D.S. back to the 12th of January 2008.

This has been identified as Diamond Dust, in Snowpoint City. It is part of the scenery.

My Main Lv.100 Team

For more Parties please see my Parties page.

Poké Ball III.png
Great Ball III.png Ultra Ball III.png
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Pokémon Champion Luke
Pokémon Diamond Version - Sinnoh
FireIC.gif FlyingIC.gif
Level 100
File:Spr 3e 006.gif
Dragon Claw
Level 100
File:Spr 3e 009.gif
Hydro Cannon
Hydro Pump
GrassIC.gif GroundIC.gif
Level 100
Spr 4d 389.png
Stone Edge
Leaf Storm
Level 100
File:Spr 3e 150.gif
Hyper Beam
ElectricIC.gif FlyingIC.gif
Level 100
File:Spr 3e 145.gif
Drill Peck
PsychicIC.gif Ghost
Level 100
File:Spr 3e 094.gif
Dream Eater
Shadow Ball