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There is a type chart in the games, but I think that one is screwed up, like grass being the worst type, while it's a starter and thus should be equal to water and fire. Too bad I can't change it, but I can say how I think that it should be. I try to make things like they are in real life, but I'm also trying to make the chart as balanced as possible. If you have a comment or suggestion please mention it on the talk page. I'm trying to give every type at least three resistances, and a maximum of five.

The Chart

× Defending type
Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark

Normal ½× ½×
Fighting ½× ½× ½× ½×
Flying ½× ½× ½×
Poison ½× ½× ½× ½×
Ground ½× ½× ½×
Rock ½× ½× ½×
Bug ½× ½× ½× ½×
Ghost ½× ½×
Steel ½× ½× ½× ½×
Fire ½× ½× ½× ½×
Water ½× ½× ½×
Grass ½× ½× ½× ½×
Electric ½× ½× ½×
Psychic ½× ½×
Ice ½× ½× ½× ½×
Dragon ½×
Dark ½× ½× ½×
These numbers are good for all generations aside from Generation I. For the type chart used in Generation I, see here.

Ice needs some more resistances, and steel some less. Something should resist dragon too but I'm not sure what (maybe ice?) suggestions welcome.

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