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User:Maverick Nate/Unreleased BW cards

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Cards not in English

Stand Alone

Card No. Card Name Type Set Dex No.
124/BW-P Bulbasaur Grass BW-P Promotional cards 001
001/047 Tangela Grass Everyone's Exciting Battle 114
002/047 Tangrowth Grass Everyone's Exciting Battle 465
001/076 Surskit Grass Megalo Cannon 283
002/076 Masquerain Grass Megalo Cannon 284
003/076 Lileep Grass Megalo Cannon 345
004/076 Cradily Grass Megalo Cannon 346
005/076 Tropius Grass Megalo Cannon 357
001/020 Snivy Grass Shiny Collection 495
002/020 Servine Grass Shiny Collection 496
003/020 Serperior Grass Shiny Collection 497
198/BW-P Serperior Grass BW-P Promotional cards 497
003/047 Maractus Grass Everyone's Exciting Battle 556
004/047 Deerling Grass Everyone's Exciting Battle 585
006/076 Karrablast Grass Megalo Cannon 588
007/076 Shelmet Grass Megalo Cannon 616
008/076 Accelgor Grass Megalo Cannon 617
005/047 Virizion Grass Everyone's Exciting Battle 640
009/076 Virizion-EX Grass Megalo Cannon 640
209/BW-P Genesect Grass BW-P Promotional cards 649
010/076 Genesect-EX Grass Megalo Cannon 649
004/020 Growlithe Fire Shiny Collection 058
006/047 Magmar Fire Everyone's Exciting Battle 126
007/047 Magmortar Fire Everyone's Exciting Battle 467
008/047 Victini Fire Everyone's Exciting Battle 494
009/047 Heatmor Fire Everyone's Exciting Battle 631
010/047 Larvesta Fire Everyone's Exciting Battle 636
011/076 Larvesta Fire Megalo Cannon 636
012/076 Volcarona Fire Megalo Cannon 637
001/018 Squirtle Water Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 007
166/BW-P Wartortle Water BW-P Promotional cards 008
002/018 Wartortle Water Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 008
210/BW-P Magikarp Water BW-P Promotional cards 129
013/076 Lapras Water Megalo Cannon 131
011/047 Marill Water Everyone's Exciting Battle 183
012/047 Azumarill Water Everyone's Exciting Battle 184
014/076 Remoraid Water Megalo Cannon 223
015/076 Octillery Water Megalo Cannon 224
004/018 Suicune Water Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 245
016/076 Snorunt Water Megalo Cannon 361
017/076 Glalie Water Megalo Cannon 362
211/BW-P Froslass Water BW-P Promotional cards 478
018/076 Relicanth Water Megalo Cannon 369
006/020 Piplup Water Shiny Collection 393
019/076 Snover Water Megalo Cannon 459
020/076 Abomasnow Water Megalo Cannon 460
191/BW-P Tympole Water BW-P Promotional cards 535
021/076 Tirtouga Water Megalo Cannon 564
022/076 Carracosta Water Megalo Cannon 565
005/018 Ducklett Water Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 580
013/047 Frillish Water Everyone's Exciting Battle 592
014/047 Alomomola Water Everyone's Exciting Battle 598
006/018 Kyurem-EX Water Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 646
015/047 Keldeo Water Everyone's Exciting Battle 647
120/BW-P Pikachu Lightning BW-P Promotional cards 025
151/BW-P Pikachu Lightning BW-P Promotional cards 025
016/047 Pikachu Lightning Everyone's Exciting Battle 025
152/BW-P Raichu Lightning BW-P Promotional cards 026
173/BW-P Electrode Lightning BW-P Promotional cards 101
017/047 Electabuzz Lightning Everyone's Exciting Battle 125
018/047 Electivire Lightning Everyone's Exciting Battle 466
023/076 Tynamo Lightning Megalo Cannon 602
024/076 Eelektrik Lightning Megalo Cannon 603
025/076 Eelektross Lightning Megalo Cannon 604
019/047 Stunfisk Lightning Everyone's Exciting Battle 618
020/047 Thundurus Lightning Everyone's Exciting Battle 642
220/BW-P Mew Psychic BW-P Promotional cards 151
008/020 Ralts Psychic Shiny Collection 280
009/020 Kirlia Psychic Shiny Collection 281
010/020 Gardevoir Psychic Shiny Collection 282
026/076 Drifloon Psychic Megalo Cannon 425
027/076 Drifblim Psychic Megalo Cannon 426
028/076 Uxie Psychic Megalo Cannon 480
029/076 Mesprit Psychic Megalo Cannon 481
030/076 Azelf Psychic Megalo Cannon 482
031/076 Munna Psychic Megalo Cannon 517
032/076 Musharna Psychic Megalo Cannon 518
021/047 Sigilyph Psychic Everyone's Exciting Battle 561
033/076 Sigilyph Psychic Megalo Cannon 516
034/076 Solosis Psychic Megalo Cannon 543
035/076 Duosion Psychic Megalo Cannon 544
036/076 Reuniclus Psychic Megalo Cannon 545
022/047 Gothita Psychic Everyone's Exciting Battle 574
023/047 Gothorita Psychic Everyone's Exciting Battle 575
024/047 Gothitelle Psychic Everyone's Exciting Battle 576
037/076 Golett Psychic Megalo Cannon 623
038/076 Golurk Psychic Megalo Cannon 624
025/047 Meloetta Psychic Everyone's Exciting Battle 648
011/020 Meloetta-EX Psychic Shiny Collection 648
039/076 Machop Fighting Megalo Cannon 066
040/076 Machoke Fighting Megalo Cannon 067
041/076 Machamp Fighting Megalo Cannon 068
212/BW-P Machamp Fighting BW-P Promotional cards 068
026/047 Riolu Fighting Everyone's Exciting Battle 447
027/047 Lucario Fighting Everyone's Exciting Battle 448
203/BW-P Lucario Fighting BW-P Promotional cards 448
028/047 Throh Fighting Everyone's Exciting Battle 538
042/076 Throh Fighting Megalo Cannon 538
043/076 Sawk Fighting Megalo Cannon 539
044/076 Archen Fighting Megalo Cannon 566
045/076 Archeops Fighting Megalo Cannon 567
012/020 Stunfisk Fighting Shiny Collection 618
029/047 Golett Fighting Everyone's Exciting Battle 622
046/BW-P Golurk Fighting BW-P Promotional cards 623
030/047 Terrakion Fighting Everyone's Exciting Battle 639
046/076 Houndour Darkness Megalo Cannon 228
047/076 Houndoom Darkness Megalo Cannon 229
031/047 Sandile Darkness Everyone's Exciting Battle 551
032/047 Scraggy Darkness Everyone's Exciting Battle 559
033/047 Scrafty Darkness Everyone's Exciting Battle 560
034/047 Zorua Darkness Everyone's Exciting Battle 570
035/047 Zoroark Darkness Everyone's Exciting Battle 571
136/BW-P Aron Metal BW-P Promotional cards 304
036/047 Aron Metal Everyone's Exciting Battle 304
048/076 Aron Metal Megalo Cannon 304
037/047 Lairon Metal Everyone's Exciting Battle 305
049/076 Lairon Metal Megalo Cannon 305
038/047 Aggron Metal Everyone's Exciting Battle 306
050/076 Aggron Metal Megalo Cannon 306
051/076 Jirachi-EX Metal Megalo Cannon 385
052/076 Escavalier Metal Megalo Cannon 589
039/047 Durant Metal Everyone's Exciting Battle 632
040/047 Cobalion Metal Everyone's Exciting Battle 638
168/BW-P Flygon Dragon BW-P Promotional cards 330
195/BW-P Salamence Dragon BW-P Promotional cards 373
053/076 Dialga-EX Dragon Megalo Cannon 483
054/076 Palkia-EX Dragon Megalo Cannon 484
055/076 Axew Dragon Megalo Cannon 610
056/076 Fraxure Dragon Megalo Cannon 611
057/076 Haxorus Dragon Megalo Cannon 612
201/BW-P Druddigon Dragon BW-P Promotional cards 621
058/076 Druddigon Dragon Megalo Cannon 621
007/018 Kangaskhan Colorless Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck 115
059/076 Porygon Colorless Megalo Cannon 137
060/076 Porygon2 Colorless Megalo Cannon 233
061/076 Porygon-Z Colorless Megalo Cannon 474
015/020 Teddiursa Colorless Shiny Collection 216
062/076 Teddiursa Colorless Megalo Cannon 216
016/020 Ursaring Colorless Shiny Collection 217
063/076 Ursaring Colorless Megalo Cannon 217
064/076 Chatot Colorless Megalo Cannon 441
017/020 Audino Colorless Shiny Collection 531
072/076 Caitlin I Megalo Cannon
067/076 Cover Fossil I Megalo Cannon
020/020 Elesa Su Shiny Collection
047/047 Fennel's Help Su Everyone's Exciting Battle
071/076 Iris I Megalo Cannon
153/BW-P Palace Belt I BW-P Promotional cards
066/076 Plume Fossil I Megalo Cannon
046/047 Professor Oak's Meeting Su Everyone's Exciting Battle
070/076 Reversal Trigger I Megalo Cannon
065/076 Root Fossil Lileep I Megalo Cannon
068/076 Silver Bangle I Megalo Cannon
069/076 Silver Mirror I Megalo Cannon
074/076 G Scope ACE Megalo Cannon
075/076 G Booster ACE Megalo Cannon
017/018 Master Ball ACE Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck
073/076 Scoop Up Cyclone ACE Megalo Cannon

Full Art

No. Card Name Type Set
077/076 Virizion-EX Grass Megalo Cannon 640
078/076 Genesect-EX Grass Megalo Cannon 649
023/020 Emolga Lightning Shiny Collection 587
025/020 Meloetta-EX Psychic Shiny Collection 648
079/076 Jirachi-EX Metal Megalo Cannon 385
080/076 Dialga-EX Dragon Megalo Cannon 483
081/076 Palkia-EX Dragon Megalo Cannon 484
082/076 Iris Su Megalo Cannon

Shiny Secrets

No. Card Name Type Set
083/076 Exeggcute Grass Megalo Cannon
084/076 Virizion Grass Megalo Cannon
085/076 Dusknoir Psychic Megalo Cannon
086/076 Rare Candy I Megalo Cannon

Alternate Full Art

No. Card Name Type Set
021/020 Shaymin-EX Grass Shiny Collection
022/020 Reshiram Fire Shiny Collection
024/020 Mew-EX Psychic Shiny Collection
145/BW-P Rayquaza-EX Dragon BW-P Promotional cards
146/BW-P Giratina-EX Dragon BW-P Promotional cards

Alternate Art

No. Card Name Type Set
182/BW-P Leafeon Grass BW-P Promotional cards
039/BW-P Virizion Grass BW-P Promotional cards
165/BW-P Charmander Fire BW-P Promotional cards
008/050 Magmortar Fire Dragon Blade
183/BW-P Flareon Fire BW-P Promotional cards
005/020 Torchic Fire Shiny Collection
171/BW-P Chimchar Fire BW-P Promotional cards
003/018 Blastoise Water Blastoise/Kyurem-EX Combo Deck
167/BW-P Psyduck Water BW-P Promotional cards
184/BW-P Vaporeon Water BW-P Promotional cards
185/BW-P Glaceon Water BW-P Promotional cards
007/020 Pikachu Lightning Shiny Collection
186/BW-P Jolteon Lightning BW-P Promotional cards
187/BW-P Espeon Psychic BW-P Promotional cards
106/BW-P Lucario Fighting BW-P Promotional cards
038/BW-P Terrakion Fighting BW-P Promotional cards
047/BW-P Landorus Fighting BW-P Promotional cards
188/BW-P Umbreon Darkness BW-P Promotional cards
013/020 Purrloin Darkness Shiny Collection
174/BW-P Scraggy Darkness BW-P Promotional cards
037/BW-P Cobalion Metal BW-P Promotional cards
144/BW-P Rayquaza Dragon BW-P Promotional cards
010/018 Eevee Colorless Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck
189/BW-P Eevee Colorless BW-P Promotional cards
014/020 Eevee Colorless Shiny Collection
213/BW-P Eevee Colorless BW-P Promotional cards
208/BW-P Porygon-Z Colorless BW-P Promotional cards
018/020 Minccino Colorless Shiny Collection
019/020 Cinccino Colorless Shiny Collection
098/BW-P Bianca Su BW-P Promotional cards
180/BW-P N Su BW-P Promotional cards
023/BW-P Pokédex I BW-P Promotional cards
190/BW-P Pokémon Center St BW-P Promotional cards
176/BW-P Team Plasma Grunt Su BW-P Promotional cards


Card Name Type
Victini [Jumbo] Fire
Tepig [Jumbo] Fire
Reshiram [Jumbo] Fire
Reshiram [Jumbo] Fire
Oshawott [Jumbo] Water
_____'s Pikachu [Jumbo] Lightning
Pikachu [Jumbo] Lightning
Zekrom [Jumbo] Lightning
Mewtwo [Jumbo] Psychic
Rayquaza [Jumbo] Dragon
Minccino [Jumbo] Colorless

Cards not in Japanese

Alternate Art

No. Card Name Type Set
BW01 Snivy Grass BW Black Star Promos
BW20 Serperior Grass BW Black Star Promos
21/124 Magmortar Fire Dragons Exalted
BW02 Tepig Fire BW Black Star Promos
BW21 Emboar Fire BW Black Star Promos
BW004 Reshiram Fire BW Black Star Promos
BW03 Oshawott Water BW Black Star Promos
BW22 Samurott Water BW Black Star Promos
BW44 Kyurem Water BW Black Star Promos
BW61 Keldeo-EX Water BW Black Star Promos
BW005 Zekrom Lightning BW Black Star Promos
30/30 Excadrill Fighting Black & White Trainer Kit
30/30 Zoroark Darkness Black & White Trainer Kit
BW47 Rayquaza-EX Dragon BW Black Star Promos
BW58 Black Kyurem Dragon BW Black Star Promos
BW62 Black Kyurem-EX Dragon BW Black Star Promos
BW59 White Kyurem Dragon BW Black Star Promos
BW63 White Kyurem-EX Dragon BW Black Star Promos