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User:Lord Suicune

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493.png This user is Christian.
245.png This user's favorite legendary Pokémon is Suicune.
058.png This user has a pet Dog.

Hello, I'm Alex H., and I love most Pokemon from Johto and Sinnoh. I'll try to help wherever I can.

Pokémon Level Nature Area Met Held Item Ability Moves Known
Suicune Master Ball III.png
Level 100 Gentle Obtained when I traveled to Johto from the USA and discovered Pokemon were real, found fighting Charizard in Charicific Valley Azure Flute Aftermath Surf
Magical Leaf
Ice Beam
DeathlyGreat Ball III.png
Level 74 Timid Lost Tower none Levitate Shadow Ball
Shadow Sneak
Arceus Ultra Ball III.png
Level 100 Bold Spear Pillar None Pressure Hydro Pump
Ice Beam
Thunder Fang
Dialga - Master Ball III.png
Level 95 Adamant Spear Pillar Adamant Orb Bag Adamant Orb Sprite.png Pressure Metal Claw
Dragon Claw
Roar of Time
CresseliaPoké Ball III.png
Level 90 Bold Fullmoon Island Everstone Bag Everstone Sprite.png Sticky Hold Surf
Water Pulse
Mud Bomb
Body Slam
Shadow Master Ball III.png
Level55 Bold Newmoon Island None Shadow Tag Shadow Ball
Shadow Claw
Dream Eater