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User:Jdrawer/List of Pokémon with nicknames

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Pokémon Nickname Canon Trainer Language or localization
Venusaur Saur Pokémon Adventures Red English
Venusaur Bruteroot Pokémon anime Corey English
Charmeleon Zippo Pokémon anime Ritchie English
Charizard Charley The Electric Tale of Pikachu Ritchie English
Blastoise Blasty Pokémon Adventures Green English
Blastoise Shellshocker Pokémon anime Neesha English
Butterfree Happy Pokémon anime Ritchie English
Butterfree Kitty Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Butterfree Freesk Pokémon Adventures Yellow Chuang Yi
Raticate Ratty Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Spearow Speary Pokémon Red and Blue A man in Viridian City English
Pikachu Puka Pokémon anime Victor English
Pikachu Sparky Pokémon anime Ritchie English
Pikachu Chuchino The Electric Tale of Pikachu Ritchie English
Pikachu Pika Pokémon Adventures Red English
Pikachu Chuchu Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Pikachu Pekachu Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire A man in Rustboro City English
Nidoqueen Nido Pokémon Adventures Green English
Nidoqueen Nidory Pokémon Adventures Green Chuang Yi
Wigglytuff Clefy Pokémon Aventures Green English
Wiggltuff Jiggly Pokémon Adventures Green English
Psyduck Yellow Pokémon Platinum A Hiker in Oreburgh City English
Poliwrath Poli Pokémon Adventures Red English
Golem Gravvy Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Golem Golosk Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Dodrio Dody Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Doduo Dodosk Pokémon Adventures Yellow Chuang Yi
Gyarados Gyara Pokémon Adventures Red English
Ditto Ditty Pokémon Adventures Green English
Ditto Mini-Dit Pokémon anime Duplica English
Omanyte Omny Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Omanyte Omask Pokémon Adventures Yellow English
Aerodactyl Aero Pokémon Adventures Red English
Snorlax Snor Pokémon Adventures Red English
Snorlax Lax Pokémon Adventures Red Chuang Yi
Espeon Vee Pokémon Adventures Red English
Pupitar Cruise Pokémon anime Ritchie English
Taillow Rose Pokémon anime Ritchie English
Skitty Delcatty Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire A girl in Fortree City English