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Here's a few decklists I've come up with.

Note: Some of these cards are very hard to find and decks are in UNLIMITED Format.

Team Rocket's Rockin'

CG-Gym Challange

ND-Neo Destiny

TRR-EX Team Rocket Returns

UF-EX Unseen Forces

DP-Diamond & Pearl

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
x3 Larvitar (TRR #63) Fighting Common
x2 Dark Pupitar (TRR #40) FightingDarkness Uncommon
x1 Dark Tyranitar (TRR) FightingDarkness Rare
x2 Onix (DP) Fighting Common
x1 Dark Steelix (TRR) MetalDarkness Rare
x2 Rocket's Meowth (TRR) Darkness Uncommon
x1 Rocket's Persian ex (UF) Darkness Rare
x2 Giovanni's Nidoran ♂ (GC) Grass Common
x1 Giovanni's Nidorino (GC) Grass Uncommon
x1 Giovanni's Nidoking (GC) Grass Rare
x3 Cyndyquil (ND) Fire Common
x2 Dark Quilava (ND) Fire Uncommon
x1 Dark Typlosion (ND) Fire Rare
x2 Slugma (ND) Fire Common
x1 Dark Magcargo (ND) Fire Rare
x2 Berry T Common
x4 Potion T Common
x2 Rocket's PokéBall T Uncommon
x1 Super Rod T Uncommon
x1 Bebe's Search T Uncommon
x1 Lady Outing T Uncommon
x1 Rocket's Hideout T Uncommon
x1 Boost Energy E Uncommon
x1 Holon Energy FF E Rare
x7 Fighting Energy E --
x7 Fire Energy E --
x7 Grass Energy E --

The Return

TR-Team Rocket

GC-Gym Challange

ND-Neo Destiny

TRR-EX Team Rocket Returns

UF-EX Unseen Forces

DS-EX Delta Species

DP-Diamond & Pearl

MT-Mysterious Treasures

JM-10th Movie Promotional Cards

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
x3 Giovanni's Machop (GC) Fighting Common
x2 Giovanni's Machoke (GC) Fighting Uncommon
x1 Giovanni's Machamp (GC) Fighting Rare
x1 Sandshrew (MT) Fighting Common
x1 Dark Sandslash (TRR) FightingDarkness Rare
x1 Rocket's Suicune ex (TRR) Darkness Rare
x2 Eevee (TR) Colorless Common
x1 Dark Vaporeon (TR) Water Uncommon
x2 Porygon (UF) Colorless Common
x1 Dark Porygon2 (ND) Colorless Rare
x1 Mewtwo of Counterattack (JM) Psychic None.png
x1 Space Fissure's Deoxys (JM) Psychic None.png
x2 Slowpoke (DS) Psychic Common
x1 Dark Slowbro (TR) Psychic Rare
x1 Dark Slowking (TRR) PsychicDarkness Rare
x1 Unown C (DP) Psychic Uncommon
x1 Unown R (UF) Psychic Rare
x1 Unown T (UF) Psychic Rare
x1 Unown X (ND) Psychic Rare
x1 Curse Powder T Uncommon
x1 Protective Orb T Uncommon
x1 Nightly Garbage Run T Uncommon
x2 Sleep! T Common
x1 Rocket's Hideout T Uncommon
x1 Professor Cozmo's Discovory T Uncommon
x1 Professor Elm's Training Method T Uncommon
x1 Ancient Technecal Machine [Ice] T Uncommon
x2 Potion T Common
x2 Darkness Energy E Rare
x1 Double Rainbow Energy E Rare
x6 Water Energy E --
x7 Fighting Energy E --
x8 Psycic Energy E --

Other Decks

These are both Team Rocket decks. The folowing links will go to other deck pages. Red links coming soon.