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[[User:Captain Awesome/Pokémon Games|Pokémon Games]]
[[User:Captain Awesome/Pokémon Games|Pokémon Games]]
==Pokémon Teams==
===Planned Pokémon Gold Team===
|color={{Gold color}}|headcolor={{Gold color light}}|bordercolor={{Gold color dark}}
|game=[[Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Pokémon Gold]]
|location=[[New Bark Town]]
|move3=Fire Punch
|move4=Thunder Wave
|held=Sharp Beak
|move3=Dream Eater
|held=Miracle Seed
|move1=Petal Dance
|move3=Sleep Powder
|move3=Shadow Ball
|move4=Morning Sun
|held=Mystic Water
|move3=Ice Beam
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Captain Awesome
ケヴィン Kevin
[[File:File:HGSS Cool Trainer M.png|{{{size}}}]]
Art from HeartGold & SoulSilver
Age 16
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Region Oceania
Relatives Mother, Father, 2 Sisters, 3 Brothers
Trainer class Trainer

About Me

Hi there. My name is Kevin, but you can call me Captain Awesome. Unless you want to call me Kevin, either way. I'm a 16 year old boy from Sydney, Australia. Originally born in Magherafelt, Ireland. I used Bulbapedia for nearly all of my Pokémon needs for ages, before finally joining earlier this year.


Pokémon Games

External Links