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*[[Special:Contributions/C Teng|My contributions]]
*[[Special:Contributions/C Teng|My contributions]]
<font color="#788878">→</font>&nbsp;<font color="#3366BB">C&nbsp;Teng</font>&nbsp;[[User talk:C Teng|<font color="#E32636"><sup>[talk]</sup></font>]]
<font color="#788878">→</font>&nbsp;<font color="Blue">C&nbsp;Teng</font>&nbsp;[[User talk:C Teng|<font color="#E32636"><sup>[talk]</sup></font>]]

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I am C Teng, and I like the Pokémon games and anime. My favorite game is Pokémon Gold.

I think that this wiki has too many disambiguation pages. Discuss that here.

 C Teng [talk]