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{{User Emerald}}
{{User Emerald}}
{{User Starter|252|Treecko}}
{{User Starter|252|Treecko}}
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{{User Colosseum}}
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{{User Dex}}

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User Information

Age: 12
Location: United States
Email1/yahoo(main) bill33421@yahoo.com

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You know What I Thought would be cool to put on my page? The Stuff I'm Doing right now (on bulbapedia) so i will, and here it is... I am currently:

Trying to fix my laptop so i can update here more often, Playing a New Copy Of Emerald, and Playing a borrowed copy of colloseum from a friend :]


I used to try to create some articles to fill in the gaps here on bulbapedia but some people just kept shutting me down so now i pretty much just fix spelling mistakes whenever i find them as i use this site for info to try to fill the national dex in my games, etc. and so when i type in a search wrong and pages still come up i go into them and fix them unless they are user pages (because id rather not edit other peoples user pages so i just tell them...)and if you need anybody to work on anything...then feel free to let me know and i will gladly try unless you then just shun me down because you think your all high and mighty and dont like what im doing. harumph!!!


The first pokemon game i played was a red (on my brothers file) and then started my own file on a copy of crystal (both of those two, however, were using emulators...all others were on the actual nintendo handheld: GBA,DS,etc.) i enjoyed it and decided to buy a DS and pearl. i loved pearl and got really far into it...and then i purchased Firered, to try to get a fuller pokedex. i am really far into firered but i cannot figure out where to find Raikou (i chose squirtle as the starter) in the game. if anybody know please contact me. and i am hoping to get emerald soon...so i am doing everything pretty much out of order but i dont mind and would love to trade but i am too buy right now to say what i want to trade so im going to leave it blank and but it back later...

I strive to get a legtimate living pokedex and that everybody who trades me pokemon i ask that they are completely legitimate...

My Pokémon

I've decided not to say teams, as i dont really use specific pokémon consistently...so ill list off interesting /powerful ones i have.
009.png Squirtle the Blastoise
150.png Mewtwo (caught with great ball!)
151.png Mew (Recieved in Europe on August 13, at First european mew givaway since 1999 then traded to me (US) )
152.png Chikorita
252.png Treecko
255.png Torchic
258.png Mudkip
387.png Turtwig
388.png Grotle
389.png Torterra
390.png Chimchar
391.png Monferno
392.png Firebanana the Infernape
393.png Piplup
394.png Prinplup
395.png Empoleon
462.png Magnezone
464.png Rypherior
470.png Leafeon
471.png Glaceon
474.png Porygon-Z
479.png Rotom
480.png Uxie
481.png Mesprit
482.png Azelf
484.png Palkia
485.png Heatron400 the Heatran
487.png Ridikulus the Giratina


Go to my trades page User:Bill33421/trades to see what i offer and want for trade