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Hello and Welcome to my userpage!


This is a list of my current teams, some are incomplete mind you!


Leafgreen Silver Ruby Diamond
006.png 154.png 260.png 395.png
Charizard Meganium Hydro Empoleon



Lv 100

Moves: Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Rock Climb (temporary to be replaced with Subsitute)


Lv 43

Moves: Foresight, (This move is only temp.) Subsitute, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse

Lv 100

The only role of this guy is for money! $_$

Lv 63

Psychic, Bite, Calm Mind, Morning Sun

That is what I HAVE NOW. Here is what I want to get:

Still breeding for a winner!Drifblim
Ev training now. Giratina
Can't find a Yanma.TT~TT Yanmega

About Me

User:Male {! bgcolor="#FF0000" | 006.png
Red} {! bgcolor="#0000FF" | 009.png
Blue} {! bgcolor="#E0E0E0" | 249.png
Silver} {! bgcolor="#AAAAFF" | 245.png
Crystal} {! bgcolor="#C00000" | 383.png
Ruby} {! bgcolor="#0000C0" | 382.png
Sapphire} {! bgcolor="#FF6000" | 006.png
FireRed} {! bgcolor="#00EE00" | 003.png
LeafGreen} {! bgcolor="#00C000" | 384.png
Emerald} {! bgcolor="#C0C0C0" colspan="3" | 243.png 244.png 245.png
Colosseum} {! bgcolor="#C0C0C0" colspan="2" | 108px