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{{User en}}
==Pages in need of editing==
{{User zh}}
{{User th}}
{{User ja}}
{{User fr}}
{{User Donut}}
{{User:444Zekrom/Template:User Mnoday}}
==Pages in need of editing/creation==
[[Pokémon Dream World]]
Pokémon Dream World
[[Appendix:Black and White walkthrough]]
Appendix:Black and White walkthrough
==Pokémon in the Pokémon Dream World in need of adding==
{{p|Swanna}} *
{{p|Purotoga}} *
{{p|Kojondo}} *
{{p|Landros}} *
{{p|Dragonite}} *
{{p|Metagross}} *
{{p|Garchomp}} *
{{p|Miruhog}} *
{{p|Baibanira}} *
{{p|Warubiaru}} *
[[Overconfident (ability)|Overconfident]] ^^
[[Regeneration (ability)|Regeneration]] ^^
[[Pressure (ability)|Pressure]] ^^
[[Reckless (ability)|Reckless]] ^^
[[Herbivorous (ability)|Herbivorous]] ^^
More to come.
* <nowiki>*</nowiki> Means a Pokémon and those related to it having abilities in the Dream World.
* ^^ Means an ability commonly found in the Dream World.
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== My lovely [[User:444Zekrom/Sandbox|Sandbox]] ==
== My lovely [[User:444Zekrom/Sandbox|Sandbox]] ==
Just workin' on shum' tags. MEME tags.
Ideas for new sigs, as well...
Getting bored of doing the Dream World project. *yawn* Probably passing to on to [[User:sol|sol]].
Lovely... I see BulbaBots flying in the sky... *ping* Idea for new tag!

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Pages in need of editing

Pokémon Dream World

Appendix:Black and White walkthrough




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