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User:神奇超龍/BW Name Predictions

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Welcome to my page on BW name predictions for characters and places. But, I have no plans on predicting Pokémon names, they're usually unpredictable, especially the Chinese ones. This is essentially just a rip-off copy of Kenji-girl's and Maxim's idea. But to be more original, I decided to predict place names, and (again) Chinese names*, though I have no plans of predicting CotD names (except for Don George's). For the convenience of those who can't read, (most of the) Chinese names will be provided with pinyin which are conveniently located in the tt template.

Please DO NOT edit this page. I will update whenever...


Game Protagonists and Supporting Characters

Japanese Name Prediction Reason Actual Comments
Touko and Touya Claire and Clark
透子 and 透也
From "clear". I would have liked "Blake" and "Bianca" anyway.
From their Japanese name. If there will be official names* for them, they're probably these.
Cheren and Bel Cheren and Bel
車玄 and 白露
The names sounds normal enough in English.
車玄 and 白露 are weird transliterations for their names. It's most likely 伽連, and 貝兒​ anyway.
Professor Araragi Professor Linden
Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan... Go figure. Besides, "Yew" sounds weird.
Translation of araragi.
Makomo Alice
The titular character of "Alice in Wonderland".
From 真菰 makomo.
Dent Phyll
From phyll, Greek word for leaf.
From the name 田斗 dento. 田 means field, while 斗 is a measure for dry grain *
Pod Pierre
Similar to pyro, Greek word for fire.*
Another weird transliteration. It can mean "quick-fried/baked/cannon beans". Also from 豆莢, "pod".
Corn Ponce/Polo
From "pond"/"pool". It wasn't easy coming up with names starting with the letter 'P'.
Transliteration of corn. It's a combination of 穀 (grain) and 潤 (moist).
Aloe Nora/Regine
From "normal" and "regular". Couldn't really think of anything else.
阿蘆薈 is both a transliteration and translation (蘆薈 means "aloe".).
Arti Arthur
From "art" and "arthropod".
I got the idea from the Cantonese 雅枝竹 (artichoke). 雅技 means "elegant skill".
Kamitsure Amber*
The etymology of "electron" and "electricity" was derived from the Greek word for amber.
Literally "sweet honey thunder". This name is too creative. It's a portmanteau of 甘菊 (chamomile), 蜜 mitsu *, and 雷 (thunder).
Yacon Terrence
From "terra" (earth).
Transliteration of his name. Also 壓 means to press. 坤 is a trigram representing "earth".
Fuuro Ariel/Angel
First one is from "aerial", not referring to a certain redheaded mermaid. Second one is obvious.
This one was too obvious (at least for me). It's taken from her Japanese name. It literally means "wind dew" in Chinese.
Hachiku Setsu
I really have no idea, so I just took the onyomi reading for 雪 (snow).
From 淡竹 hachiku. Literally "light-colored bamboo".
Iris Iris*/Dora
From the Engrish doragon. Also she does resemble a certain tanned adventure-loving girl.
Transliteration of iris. Literally "love beautiful silk". Has other variations (愛莉絲艾麗絲艾莉絲).
Shaga Drago
Obviously from "dragon"*. Moving on, if either Iris or Shaga suddenly have a surname, it's probably Long.
From 射干 shaga. It's also a name of a Iris domestica, though not the same as Iris japonica.
Shikimi Velma
From "violet" and alma, Spanish word for soul. Also a reference to Velma Dinkley.
From 樒 shikimi and 美 (beauty). Apparently 樒 refers to branches hang on Buddhist graves.
Giima Devlin/Vlad
Translation of his name. Transliterating his name would sound awkward.

Transliteration and translation of Cattleya. Literally "Excellent virtue, beautiful and elegant"
Renbu Manny
From the Spanish phrase "mano a mano" (hand to hand). Also from this famous boxer.
Both of them are from renbu. First one refers to the plant Syzygium samarangense. The second one means "to train martial art".
Adeku Rhodes
Similar to "red". Also from Rhopalocera. Yeah, it's lame.
Translation of his Japanese name. 赤 also means red.

Team Plasma

Japanese Name Prediction Reason Actual Comments
Team Plasma Team Plasma
We all know it's going to be this anyway...
電漿 is Mandarin for "plasma". The other word 等離子 is not very poetic.
Remember J and O...
Geechisu and the 6 other sages Goetis and co. Goetis is from goetia, Greek word for sorcery*. For others, maybe a pun on the colors of rainbow. We already have Vio (violet, anyone?), Asura (azul, Spanish for blue), Ryokushi (緑 ryoku, green) and Lot (rot??, German for red), and maybe Sumura (summer??). No idea for Jaro (Naranja?? Orange??)


Japanese Name Prediction Reason Actual Comments
Shooty Camm
From "camera". Also "Gary" and "Paul", notice anything?
Transliteration of his name. Also, means to take a picture.
Don George Don George
Same as Japanese name.
Transliteration of his name.


Japanese Name Prediction Reason Actual Comments
Isshu Isshu
I think the spelling will be kept. It doesn't have the long "o" sound.
From 壱種isshu (one variety). The name sounds strange, but I'd prefer it over transliteration such as 伊修 and 伊樹.
Kanoko Town Fawnapple Town
From "fawn" and "dapple". The "apple" was unintentional.
There was 真新鎮 (真っ新), 若葉鎮 (若葉), 未白鎮 (未白), and 雙葉鎮 (双葉). 鹿子鎮 (鹿の子) is definitely next.
Karakusa Town Prosperivy Town
From its Japanese motto "Thick ivy is proof of prosperity".
From 唐草 karakusa. Literally "Tang grass".
Sanyou City Tristelle City
From "Tri" (three) and "stellar".
Took a while to figure this one out. There were a lot of choices (三葉三陽三洋三樣). I eventually settled with 三曜.
Shippou City Cloissure City
Portmanteau of "Cloisonné" and "treasure".
From 七宝 shippou (Seven treasures).*.
Hiun City Aeraltia City
From "aerial" and "altitude".
From 飛雲 hiun, (flying cloud). Too obvious...
Raimon City Thorgate City
From "Thor", the Norse god of thunder, and "gate".
All of them from raimon. First two* means "thunder pattern". The third one means "thunder gate".
Hodomoe City Nautwirl City
From "nautical" and "whirl".
First one is from "帆巴" hodomoe*. Last two means "sail whirlpool".
Fukiyose City Windrift City
From "wind" and "drift".
First one is from 吹き寄せ fukiyose. The second translates to "winds gather"*.
Sekka City Snowdrop City
From "snow" and "drop". Also refers to the flower "snowdrop" (a.k.a. Galanthus).
From 雪華 sekka. It can be translated as "magnificent snow" or "snow blossom".
Souryuu City Twindra City
From "twin" and "dragon". Has nothing to do with "tundra".
From 双竜 souryuu (Twin dragon). 蒼龍市 is also possible.
Kagome Town Baskeye Town
From "basket" and "eye".
From 篭目 kagome. Can either mean "basket eye" or "cage eye".
Sazanami Town Rippliary Town
From "ripple" and "capilliary".
From 細波 sazanami. Literally "fine wave".
Kanawa Town Ferrona Town
From ferrum (iron) and "corona".
From 金輪/鐵輪 kanawa. 金輪 can either mean "metal wheel" or "golden wheel". 鐵輪* means "steel wheel".