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[[Category:Game mechanics]]
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The Unova Link (Japanese: イッシュリンク Isshu Link) is a feature in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

In the games

The Unova Link provides new features that may enhance the gameplay of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Some of these features require a certain procedure in order to be unlocked.


Below is a list of features that can be used in the Unova Link.

Memory Link

Main article: Memory Link

The player can use Memory Link to reflect on the past of Pokémon Black and White.

Key Link

The Key Link feature allows the player to unlock certain features by receiving keys that are obtained throughout the game. Many of these keys are version-exclusive; however, they can all be obtained simultaneously if another player with one of the versions gives the key to the other version.

List of Key Links

Here is a list of Key Links unlocked through Black 2 and White 2:

  • Easy Mode: Decreases the opponents' Pokémon levels, as well as their Artificial intelligence (AI) in battle
  • Normal Mode: The opponents normal leveled Pokémon and normal AI
    • Unlocked by: Default
  • Challenge Mode: Increases the opponents' Pokémon levels, as well as their AI in battle and giving them more Pokémon
    • Unlocked by: Defeating the ChampionB2
  • Black City
    • Unlocked by: DefaultB2
      • Acquiring the Tower Key by completing Area 5 of Black Tower in Black 2 W2
  • White Forest
    • Unlocked by: DefaultW2
      • Acquiring the Treehollow Key by completing Area 5 of White Treehollow in White 2 B2
  • Rock Peak Key: Used to unlock the ruins to battle Regirock
    • Unlocked by: Default
  • Iceberg Key: Used to unlock the ruins to battle Regice
    • Unlocked by: Capturing RegirockW2
  • Iron Key: Used to unlock the ruins to battle Registeel
    • Unlocked by: Capturing RegirockB2

Nintendo 3DS Link

The Nintendo 3DS Link is used to obtain Pokémon captured from the Pokémon Dream Radar.


  • The Unova Link is the first feature to give a main series Pokémon game an "easy mode" and a "hard mode".