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sitename=UEPC |
sitename=UEPC |
slogan=Unity, Community, Participation |
slogan=Unity, Community, Participation |
image= |
image=UEPC Logo.png |
size=150px |
size=255px |
caption= |
caption= UEPC's logo, featuring {{p|Jirachi}}. |
lang=English |
lang=English/Multilanguage |
status=Active |
status=Active |
run=2009 - Present|
run=2009 - Present|

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UEPC Logo.png
UEPC's logo, featuring Jirachi.
Language English/Multilanguage
Status Active
Run 2009 - Present
Date opened December 24, 2009
Creator Troels Just
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum UEPC
Mascot Jirachi
Website [1]

The United European Pokémon Communities (UEPC for short) is a federation of several independent Pokémon communities from across Europe, it was founded as an attempt to unify the European fans, who under normal circumstances would be separated by language barriers.


The UEPC was founded on the 24th of December 2009 by its current President, Troels Just (aka Tsuroerusu) and former Administrator, Shawon Tarver (aka Kamui). In the wake of the founding, Tsuroerusu began contacting various fansites, in order to offer them to be part of the effort.

On the 28th of December 2009, Kamui chose to resign for personal reasons, leaving Tsuroerusu in charge of the effort.

On the 20th of January 2010, the UEPC announced its first Wi-Fi tournament, which was concluded five weeks later on the 27th of February 2010.

On the 21st of April 2010, the first election to the Council of Representatives was announced. Polls were opened on the 4th of May 2010, resulting in the members BlazeShadow, GeorgeSlayer, Lorem Ipsum, Tamsis and Wonder being elected.


The executive arm of the UEPC consists of the President of the Union and the Administrator of the Union, together they make up the top leadership, with the President being responsible mainly for external matters and the Administrator dealing mainly with internal matters.

President of the Union

The President of the Union exercises all technical and budgetary functions of the Union, and also conducts the Union's external representation. The President of the Union also appoints the Administrator, and the national and international moderators.

The current President of the UEPC is Tsuroerusu.

Administrator of the Union

The Administrator of the Union exercises executive functions and is in charge of the day-to-day management of the UEPC. The Administrator of the Union directs the international moderators and presides over the Council of Moderators. The Administrator also hears appeals of decisions taken by a national or international moderator in regard to a penalty issued or other decisions relating to the enforcement of the Union's rules.

The current Administrator of UEPC is Cool Ivysaur.

Community Council

The Community Council exercises all rulemaking and policymaking functions of the UEPC, the Administrator of the Union is obligated to execute its will.

The Community Council is separated into the following entities:

Council of Moderators

The Council of Moderators, jointly with the Council of Representatives, exercises rulemaking and policymaking functions, it consists of the national and international moderators, the former representing their respective national communities. Each moderator may introduce a proposal to be debated by the rest of the Council of Moderators, each moderator has one vote. Most decisions made by the Council of Moderators must then be approved by the Council of Representatives. In addition to the rulemaking and policymaking functions shared with the Council of Representatives, the Council of Moderators can try and dismiss the Administrator if he or she is found to have committed serious misconducts.

Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives, jointly with the Council of Moderators, exercises rulemaking and policymaking functions, it consists of representatives of the regular members, elected for a three month term. In addition to the rulemaking and policymaking functions shared with the Council of Moderators, the Council of Representatives also approve appointments made by the Administrator of the Union, and can try and dismiss a moderator if he or she is found to have committed serious misconducts.

National partners

The UEPC's national partners are national (ie. nation specific) communities from the various European countries, who are participating as part of the UEPC. The President of the Union ensures a healthy dialogue with the national partners on a site-to-site basis, in addition they are represented in the Council of Moderators by one or two national moderators.

Current national partners are:

Bell Tower
Legendary Pokémon
Pokémon Central
Pokémon France
Doom Desire

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