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Twitch Plays Pokémon

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Twitch Plays Pokémon is a Twitch channel that is currently livestreaming a playthrough of a modded version of Pokémon Red, where the viewers control the game by commenting button presses. The stream went live on February 13 at 01:23:18 GMT. The game is modded to allow all 151 Pokémon in one game.

The game has peaked at around 50,000 viewers at a time, and has been the second most viewed live Twitch stream for periods of time. Only footage from 11 hours into day 2 onward has been saved, which can be found here.


Twitch users control the character by submitting the case-insensitive button names through the chat. Valid commands are A, B, up, down, left, right, and Start; Select previously was valid, but after it was used to soft reset the game, it was disabled due to having no other function purpose.

Simple tasks often become extremely difficult due to the high number of players; players have spent hours trying to teach HM moves, cut down trees, pass through areas with ledges, and reach crucial points in the game.


The player character is using the default name of RED and started with Charmander. Currently the player has obtained the first four Badges.


Fire Unknown
Normal Unknown
Tail Whip
Quick Attack


The host currently wishes to remain anonymous, but has revealed that he is Australian. He has stated that he wishes to intervene as little as possible, but may do so for the Safari Zone due to the step limit.

Occasionally, the host has throttled Start button, to prevent people using it simply to interrupt progress. This means that Twitch users who submit Start will be put in Slow Mode. The host also had to intervene when the game was soft reset, so that the save file was not overwritten; after this, he disabled the Select button since it had no other function purpose.

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