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Tommy (AG015)

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Tommy tasting the victory.

Tommy (Japanese: Himashi) is a student of the Pokémon Trainer's School in Rustboro City. Is famous for being arrogant and his thoughts of know all about pokémon, for that reason when Max was visiting the academia in AG015 - "Gonna Rule The School!" Tommy felt jealous. In the training class of the day after both (Tommy and Max) battle against each other in a one on one pokémon battle. The fight was Tommy's Magby against Max's Poliwag (both pokémons belong to the academia) but it was interrupted by Team Rocket with, of course, intentions of steal all the pokémon they could. This time the new frienships and the great plan of the children stopped their evil proposses and send them flying. The victory was the detonator of the union of the class, making Roxanne proud.

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