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Tom Wayland

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Tom Wayland

Tom Wayland (born 21 July, 1973) is a voice actor and the current voice director for the English dub of the Pokémon anime.

Pokémon roles

Wayland joined the series when DuArt became the dubbing studio for the anime. He also serves as the voice director and an ADR engineer. Wayland works with 4Kids on other anime series.

Currently his most prominent role is that of Reggie. In the final season of Diamond and Pearl he got a slightly bigger role in the series portraying Ash's Gible. In Best Wishes he now does four new major Pokémon in the series portraying Iris's Excadrill, Cilan's Crustle, James's Yamask and Ash's Boldore.







Animated shorts

Non-Pokémon roles


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