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({{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}})
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* {{Adv|Ruby}} meets [[Professor Birch]].
* {{Adv|Ruby}} meets [[Professor Birch]].
* {{Adv|Ruby}} meets {{adv|Sapphire}}.
* {{Adv|Ruby}} meets {{adv|Sapphire}}.
|- style="background: #FFFFFF"
| style="text-align:center;" |''[[PS183|Trying to Trounce Torchic]]''
* {{Adv|Ruby}} and {{adv|Sapphire}} arrange a bet: Ruby gathers all the [[Ribbons]] from the Hoenn region while Sapphire gathers all the Gym [[Badge]]s from the Hoenn region within [[Timeline of Ruby and Sapphire's 80-day challenge|80-days]].
* {{Adv|Ruby}} saves {{adv|Sapphire}} from a wild {{p|Seviper}}.

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This is a chronological list of significant events in the Pokémon Adventures manga and the rounds which they occurred in, or, for events which happened outside the series, where they happened in relation to the rounds.

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Time Details
23 years prior
20 years prior
17 years prior
14 years prior
11 years prior
  • Green is born. (June 1)
  • Red is born. (August 8)
  • Blue is born. (November 22)
9 years prior
8 years prior
7 years prior
6 years prior
1 year prior

Red, Green & Blue chapter

Round Details
A Glimpse of the Glow
Bulbasaur, Come Home!
The Secret of Kangaskhan
  • Blue is revealed to own a Pokédex.
  • Red and Blue start their journeys.
Wanted: Pikachu!
Onix is On!
Gyarados Splashes In!
  • Red meets Misty.
  • Red recatches Misty's Gyarados and supposedly gives it back to her.
  • Red joins Misty in her search for Team Rocket.
Raging Rhydon
Suddenly Starmie
  • Misty reveals that she's the Cerulean Gym Leader.
  • Red loses a battle against Misty.
  • Red and Misty train together.
  • Red wins the Cascade Badge.
...But Fearow Itself!
Danger: High Voltorb
Buzz Off, Electabuzz!
Wake Up—You’re Snorlax!
Sigh for Psyduck
Wartortle Wars
  • Red's Saur evolves into Ivysaur.
  • Red meets Green.
  • Red learns that Squirtle, the third starter Pokémon, was stolen.
  • Green steals Red's Badges.
Wartortle Wars
  • Red's Saur evolves into Ivysaur.
  • Red meets Green.
  • Red learns that Squirtle, the third starter Pokémon, was stolen.
  • Green steals Red's Badges.
Tauros the Tyrant
  • Red finds out that Green had stolen his Gym Badges.
  • Red disguises as a Team Rocket grunt and infiltrates their headquarters.
  • Team Rocket tries to capture Green as she had stolen their Mew disc.
A Tale of Ninetales
  • Blue wins a Porygon from the Rocket Game Corner.
  • Red and Blue accidentally trade some of their Pokémon.
  • Red catches a Diglett and a Krabby with help from Blue's Pokémon.
  • Blue's Machoke evolves into a Machamp while being under Red's possession.
  • Red catches a Ninetales but Blue claims it.
  • Red and Blue return their own Pokémon to each other.

Yellow chapter

One year has passed since the Red, Green & Blue chapter.

Round Details
Ponyta Tale
  • Red leaves Pallet Town to battle his challenger.
  • A month later, Pika returns alone and injured.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Two years have passed since the Yellow chapter.

Round Details
Murkrow Row
Who Gives a Hoothoot?
  • Gold's Pokémon get stolen.
Sneasel Sneak Attack

Ruby & Sapphire chapter

About a year has passed since the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.

Round Details
Creeping Past Cacnea
Making Mirth with Mightyena
Trying to Trounce Torchic

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

This chapter occurs shortly after the Ruby & Sapphire chapter ends.

Round Details
  • Red and Blue return to Pallet Town.
  • Red and Blue are attacked by an invisible opponent.
  • Red and Blue learn that Professor Oak intends to take the Pokédex from them.

Emerald chapter

A year has passed since the Ruby & Sapphire chapter and a bit over two months since the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

Three years have passed since the Emerald chapter.

Diamond & Pearl chapter

Three years have passed since the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter.

Platinum chapter

This chapter occurs two weeks after the Diamond & Pearl chapter ends.

Black & White chapter

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

This chapter occurs shortly after the Black & White chapter ends.

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