Summit Ruins

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Summit Ruins
Summit Ruins.png
Summit Ruins
Region Sinnoh
Debut Ghoul Daze!

The Summit Ruins are ruins that are located near the Pokémon Summer Academy. It was featured in Ghoul Daze!. One of the activities of the academy included the students pairing off in teams and retrieving a medal hidden in the ruins.

The ruins contained a cave which was believed to be the entrance to the spirit world. It was uncovered during a construction accident. A ghost girl from the spirit world tried to lure people into the portal but was fortunately prevented from doing so by a wild Dusknoir. After it pushed the ghost back into the portal, the cave collapsed, sealing the portal.

This area marked the first sign of attraction from Angie for Ash as he saves her life, in the process holding her hand. This attraction later develops in further episodes of the academy.


Here is a list of all the Ghost-type Pokémon that reside in the forest around the ruins.

PSA Gengar Haunter.png
PSA Gastly Gengar.png
PSA Gengar Haunter.png
PSA Banette.png
PSA Shuppet Duskull.png
PSA Shuppet Duskull.png
PSA Misdreavus.png

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