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As hints and evidence for ships are mostly speculation, this page may contain personal points of view.

Gold and Crystal in Pokemon Special manga

MangaQuestShipping is the belief of Pokémon Special characters Gold and Crystal in a romantic relationship. This is the manga counterpart of QuestShippingShipping in the anime. There are number of hints from both of them, as the two have interacted a lot in the manga.


Gold, Silver & Crystal Chapter

  • In the midst of the raging waters in the Whirl Islands, Gold manages to spot a troubled Crystal on a boat and says, "Did I see a pretty damsel in distress?" in an excited tone. He quickly leaves Lt. Surge and surfs toward the boat. Upon reaching the boat, he reaches for Crystal's hand only to be beaten by Silver. Gold gets pissed off and tells Silver that he should be the one saving the damsels.
  • As Crystal regains consciousness and sees Silver and Gold, she calls them punks. Gold tries to tell her that he's not a punk, obviously trying to look good in front of her.
  • The boat is in a serious condition, but Gold and Silver still find the leisure to argue. Crystal attempts to stop them and wonders if they are really the trainers Professor Oak entrusted the Pokédex with. Gold gets annoyed and tells her to don't start lecturing him. He then accuses Crystal for being one of those serious types of girls. Crystal rebuts by telling him there's nothing wrong in being serious.
  • Gold has a habit of giving people nicknames. In Crystal's case, he calls her 'Super-Serious Gal'.
  • When Gold emerges from the water with Mantine and a bunch of Remoraid, he pursues Lugia and blasted it with water. Crystal is visibly impressed with this. But when Gold fails to bring Lugia down, Crystal shows her concern for him.
  • On the shore, Crystal and Silver run up to a fallen Gold, but Crystal is the one who helps him up.
  • Seeing that Lugia won't go down, Gold decides to capture it. He throws a Poké Ball at its forehead but misses. Crystal enters the scene and kicks the Poké Ball with perfect accuracy. Gold pats her shoulder and compliments her on a job well done.
  • As Crystal shows the Pokédex tracking system to Gold and Silver, they remain silent. For Gold's part, he doesn't want to let Crystal know that he doesn't know about the tracker because he doesn't want to look bad to her. And when Crystal is fidgeting with the system, Gold's secretly peeks to know how it works.
  • It's evident that Gold is truly impressed with Crystal's skills and knowledge in capturing Pokémon.
  • During their trip to Indigo Plateau, Gold offers Crystal a potato. Crystal complains about his way of talking to girls and says that the potato isn't cooked. Gold commands his Typhlosion to cook it but ends up burning it. Gold states he just wanted to heat it up for her and laughs it off. Crystal gets pissed and starts scolding him. Gold pleads her to stop the scolding in a funny way.
  • Upon reaching Indigo Plateau, Gold rescues a baby from the Yanma. Crystal pulls his ear and reprimand him for being reckless.
  • At Indigo Plateau, both Gold and Crystal search for the enemy together.
  • The two of them have a hard time against Chermaine and Keane, two members under the Mask of Ice. As Crystal gets tired, Gold asks her if she's okay.
  • When the Mask of Ice attacks Indigo Plateau with Ho-Oh and Lugia, Gold hauls Crystal away by taking her hand. He keeps on holding on to her as he asks her how to deal with the Legendary Birds. In pursuing Ho-Oh, Gold tells Crystal not to overexert herself.
  • Crystal cries in pain when Gold gets hurt by the Mask of Ice.
  • During the battle between the Gym Leaders chosen by the three Legendary Beasts (Misty, Blaine, and Lt. Surge) and the Mask of Ice, Crystal keeps holding onto an unconscious Gold.
  • As the final battle between the owners of the Pokédex and Pryce, Crystal wonders where Gold is. When the Trainers get caught in ice, Crystal calls for Gold.
  • In the final battle, Gold reveals his reason for fighting and is glad to have met Crystal and Silver. He even hold their hands with the feathers.
  • Crystal expresses her sadness when they emerged from the space inside the shrine without Gold, thinking that he got lost in time. But when Gold appears Crystal is one of the first to react. Then Gold tells him not to pronounce him dead. Later, as Gold gets into a fight with Silver, Crystal cries in joy for his return.

Emerald Chapter

  • Gold marks his debut in the Emerald Arc by disguising himself in a suit of armor. When the armor gets destroyed, he calls out to Crystal. The latter then reprimands him on his decisions again, telling him that the plan changed because of him.
  • Gold introduces Crytal to Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald as "this strict woman". This shows that he still retains his name calling towards her.
  • It is revealed that Gold and Crystal trained together under Kimberly to learn the ultimate moves.
  • During Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald's training, Gold and Crystal fight side by side against the giant enemy.
  • Towards the end of the arc, Crystal expresses her excitement in joining the tournament. Gold quickly remarks her in an annoyed yet teasing manner. At the terrace, Gold and Crystal are seen standing next to each other as they look out to the arriving ships.


  • With Gold's habit of being so carefree and nonchalant, it's always Crystal's job to straighten him up.
  • Throughout the series, Gold and Crystal have always been working together.
  • Although Gold is annoyed with Crystal's strictness, that doesn't stop him from teasing her, which is a sign of his fondness.


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