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'''Shelly''' (Japanese: '''イズ''' ''Izumi'', French: '''Sarah''', German: '''Kordula''', Italian: '''Ada''', Hebrew: '''שלי''') is an admin of [[Team Aqua]].
'''Shelly''' (Japanese: '''イズ''' ''Izumi'', French: '''Sarah''', German: '''Kordula''', Italian: '''Ada''', Hebrew: '''שלי''') is an admin of [[Team Aqua]].
=In the games=
=In the games=

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Shelly (Japanese: イズミ Izumi, French: Sarah, German: Kordula, Italian: Ada, Hebrew: שלי) is an admin of Team Aqua.

In the games

R/S/E: Shelly was a Team Aqua Admin.


First battle

  • Lv. 28 Carvanha
  • Lv. 28 Mightyena

Second battle (alongside Team Aqua Grunt)

  • Lv. 37 Sharpedo
  • Lv. 37 Mightyena

In the anime

File:Shelly anime.jpg
Shelly in the anime

Shelly appeared in several episodes of the Pokémon anime. Her Japanese voice actor Tsuda Shoko 津田匠子 and her English voice actor is Bella Hudson.

Due to a dubbing error, Shelly was referred to as 'Isabel' in her first appearance in A Three Team Scheme. In her next appearance in Fight for the Meteorite, the error was corrected.


This listing is of Shelly's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.


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