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If you were looking for the Team Aqua admin sometimes known as Sean in the fan community, see Aqua Admin Amber.
If you were looking for the voice actors, see Sean Schemmel or Sean Reyes.

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Sean (Japanese: セイン Thane) is one of the characters of the day in Battling the Bully!. He is a friend to both Mick and Glenn and borrowed his father's Pokémon so that he can show off to them. Though he would not allow Mick to use them, saying that they were his father's precious Pokémon, he would always allow Glenn to use them even though he was rather careless with them. This was most likely because he was afraid of Glenn. He was shown to have more knowledge about Pokémon than both of his friends do, being able to identify Pikachu quickly while they believed Pikachu was the pre-evolved form of Zekrom.

Glenn wanted to have a battle with the Pikachu that Mick had found and demanded that Sean go and get stronger Pokémon from his father which he did reluctantly. He let him borrow both Scolipede and Seismitoad so he could use them in a Double Battle against Mick who was using Pikachu and the sunglasses Krokorok. Because Glenn did not think of the best battle strategies, Sean would try to tell him what to do. After the battle was over and Glenn had lost, Sean said that he didn't want to play with Glenn anymore because he was just too aggressive towards both Mick and his father's Pokémon. However they were able to reconcile their differences with the help of Ash and his friends and the three boys became better friends.



Sean's Patrat and Blitzle
Patrat and Blitzle
Patrat and Blitzle where borrowed by Sean from his father so that he and Glenn could practice battling. Sean used Blitzle while Glenn used Patrat. Both Pokémon were left exhausted after the battle.

Patrat's only known move is Tackle.
None of Blitzle's moves are known.

Debut Battling the Bully!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura (Patrat)
Kiyotaka Furushima (Blitzle)
Sean's Scolipede
Sean borrowed Scolipede from his father so that Glenn could use it in a Double Battle against Mick. Glenn used it to battle Pikachu despite what Sean had recommended and it was quickly defeated. Sean was upset that Scolipede got hurt but it was able to heal thanks to Cilan's special food.

Scolipede's known moves are Poison Tail, Protect and Sludge Bomb.

Debut Battling the Bully!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Marc Thompson
Sean's Seismitoad
Sean borrowed Seismitoad from his father so that Glenn could use it in a Double Battle against Mick. Sean did tell Seismitoad to block Pikachu's Thunderbolt because it was part Ground-type when Glenn had planned to have Scolipede use a counterattack. He tried to tell Glenn to use it against Pikachu but he would not listen which cost him the battle. Sean was upset that Seismitoad got hurt but it was able to heal thanks to Cilan's special food.

Seismitoad's only known move is Drain Punch.

Debut Battling the Bully!
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō
English Carter Cathcart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小林ゆう Yū Kobayashi
English Eli James
Spanish Latin America Claudia Motta
Spain Miriam Valencia

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