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File:Defense Scarf.png|Defense Scarf
File:Pecha Scarf.png|Pecha Scarf
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File:Friend Bow.png|Friend Bow
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| width="160px" style="background: #{{white 2 color}}; {{roundytop|5px}}" | [[File:Friend Bow.png|100px]]
| style="background: #{{white color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | {{color|{{white color dark}}|Defense Scarf}}
| style="background: #EECFDE; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | {{color|B34A94|Pecha Scarf}}
| style="background: #{{white 2 color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | {{color|{{white 2 color dark}}|Friend Bow}}
==In the anime==
==In the anime==

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In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, there are hold-items called scarves that increase statistics or make the Pokémon immune to certain status conditions when held. These are sometimes referred to as bands, bows, or ribbons.

Scarves that prevent status conditions

Scarves that promote stats

Aura Bows

Player can have one of these Bows, depending on what aura player got in the beginning.

Other Scarves


Defense Scarf.png Pecha Scarf.png Friend Bow.png
Defense Scarf Pecha Scarf Friend Bow

In the anime

Pecha Scarves in the anime

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!, all the members of Team Go-Getters received one Pecha Scarf each from Aunty Kangaskhan. The Scarves later protected the trio from the PoisonPowder attack of a group of Shroomish

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