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* Sapphire's {{p|Lairon}} into {{p|Aggron}} ([[PS256]])
* Sapphire's {{p|Lairon}} into {{p|Aggron}} ([[PS256]])
* Ruby's {{p|Feebas}} into {{p|Milotic}} ([[PS266]])
* Ruby's {{p|Feebas}} into {{p|Milotic}} ([[PS266]])
==Gym Battles==
Sapphire defeats the following Gym Leaders:
* [[Roxanne]] ([[PS191]])
* [[Brawly]] ([[PS197]])
* [[Wattson]] ([[PS205]])
* [[Flannery]] ([[PS216]])
* [[Winona]] ([[PS231]])
* [[Tate and Liza]] ([[PS257]])
* [[Juan]] (PS257)
* [[Norman]] ([[PS267]])

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Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter
Pokémon Adventures
FireRed & LeafGreen chapter
Ruby & Sapphire chapter
Chapter 4
Ruby, Sapphire and Wally, the main characters of the fourth chapter along with some of their Pokémon
Rounds 87
(PS181 - PS267)
Region Hoenn
Preceded by Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter
Followed by FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

Ruby and Sapphire (Japanese: 第4章 ルビー ・ サファイア編 The Fourth Chapter: Ruby and Sapphire) is the fourth chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga and it consists of eight volumes. It is the second longest completed chapter of the series, behind Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.

This chapter features the journeys of Ruby and Sapphire who are trying to conquer all the Pokémon Contests and Gyms in Hoenn respectively within the span of 80 days. However, this gets interrupted by the two new evil organizations, the land-loving Team Magma and sea-loving Team Aqua. Sapphire and Ruby have to worry about something else, too: their feelings for each other.


My First Wide edition

Beginning in March 2011, Shogakukan has begun releasing rounds from the Ruby & Sapphire chapter as part of their "My First Wide" series of omnibus volumes. These volumes, similar to the VizBIG volumes published by VIZ Media, contain the rounds from three regular volumes of the manga.


Main article: List of rounds in the fourth chapter of Pokémon Adventures

Important events

Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolve:

Gym Battles

Sapphire defeats the following Gym Leaders:


  • This is the first chapter thus far completed to not include former main characters (other than the first chapter), although Red has several cameos. The second is the Diamond & Pearl chapter.
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