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Quick Feet (Ability)

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Quick Feet はやあし
Quick Feet
Flavor text
Generation IV
Boosts Speed if there is a status problem.
Generation V
Boosts Speed if there is a status problem.
Generation VI
Currently unknown

Quick Feet (Japanese: はやあし Quick Feet) is an Ability introduced in Generation IV. Twelve Pokémon have this Ability.


In battle

Quick Feet increases the user's Speed stat by 50% when the user is inflicted with a status ailment. The speed drop of paralysis does not occur.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, if the Pokémon is inflicted with any negative status condition, its Movement Speed is raised by one level. As a result, the Pokémon cannot be slowed.

Outside of battle

If the Pokémon with Quick Feet is leading the party, then Quick Feet decreases the wild Pokémon encounter rate.

Pokémon with Quick Feet

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Jolteon Jolteon Electric Electric Volt Absorb None Quick Feet
Granbull Granbull Normal Normal Intimidate Quick Feet Rattled
Teddiursa Teddiursa Normal Normal Pickup Quick Feet Honey Gather
Ursaring Ursaring Normal Normal Guts Quick Feet Unnerve
Poochyena Poochyena Dark Dark Run Away Quick Feet Rattled
Mightyena Mightyena Dark Dark Intimidate Quick Feet Moxie
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Normal Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet
Linoone Linoone Normal Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet
Shroomish Shroomish Grass Grass Effect Spore Poison Heal Quick Feet
Venipede Venipede Bug Poison Poison Point Swarm Quick Feet
Whirlipede Whirlipede Bug Poison Poison Point Swarm Quick Feet
Scolipede Scolipede Bug Poison Poison Point Swarm Quick Feet
Please note that this is only 100% accurate to Generation VI games.
  • For Generation III games, ignore Abilities introduced in Generation IV and Hidden Abilities.
  • For Generation IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.
  • For Generation V games, ignore Abilities introduced in Generation VI.


  • Although the Ability was introduced in Generation IV, no Generation IV Pokémon can have Quick Feet.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 飛毛腿 Fēimáotuǐ
France Flag.png French Pied Véloce
Germany Flag.png German Rasanz
Greece Flag.png Greek Γρήγορα Πόδια
Italy Flag.png Italian Piedisvelti
South Korea Flag.png Korean 속보 Sokbo
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Pés Rápidos
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pies Rápidos

Variations of the Ability Guts
GutsQuick FeetFlare BoostToxic Boost
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