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Poncho (Orange Islands)

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Diglett Rancher Poncho

Poncho (Japanese: ジャンゴー Django) is a one-time character in the Pokémon anime who appeared in The Underground Round-Up.

Poncho is a Diglett rancher, meaning he uses Diglett to round up different Pokémon. When Ash and his friends met him, he was trying to round up multiple Voltorb and Electrode who had been scaring people away from a small town. Poncho would use his Diglett to dig tunnels underneath the Pokémon that lead to another island, where the Voltorb and Electrode could live in peace without people.

Unfortunately for Poncho, the mayor felt that he was taking too long in removing the Electrode, so she hired Team Rocket to get rid of them instead. Team Rocket's solution was to force the Electrode to use Selfdestruct and Explosion, and then taking them all for themselves.

Angered, Poncho sent out his Dugtrio, which helped get rid of Team Rocket, and, along with all his Diglett, move the remaining Electrode to the island. With that, Poncho had successfully moved all the Electrode away from the town, and it was allowed to reopen once again. As a result, the mayor rehired (and promoted) him and gave the Diglett rancher the key to the city.


Poncho's Diglett
Diglett (multiple)
Poncho uses his multiple Diglett to round up multiple Voltorb and Electrode that have been scaring a small town. They first appeared helping Ash and his friends from an attack by Voltorb and Electrode by digging a hole underneath the Pokémon so they can safely explode. Poncho wanted to use his Diglett to dig tunnels underneath the town and get the Voltorb and Electrode to a nearby island so they can live in peace.

They later dug holes underneath the Electrode and helped construct a tunnel to the island with Dugtrio and successfully re-homed the Electrode and Voltorb.

Diglett's only known move is Dig.

Debut The Underground Round Up
Poncho's Dugtrio
Poncho's Dugtrio first appeared when Team Rocket were trying to steal the Electrode with their new mecha. Dugtrio dug a huge hole underneath it destroying the mecha. It then helped construct a tunnel to the island with the help of the Diglett and successfully gave the Electrode and Voltorb a new home.

Dugtrio's only known move is Dig.

Debut The Underground Round Up

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 江原正士 Masashi Ebara
English Scottie Ray
European Spanish David García Vázquez


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