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PokespecialTK is fan-made site dedicated to the Pokémon Adventures manga. It was created by Purin in early December 2003.


The idea for PokespecialTK was born in mid-2003 by its founder, Purin. The original idea for the site was to have some scans, basic summaries, and character bios for the Manga. One of the first staff members for the site, Omega_Brendan, who had helped create the site, became co-webmaster for 2004. After a while, he was replaced with the last co-webmaster, Leo. After several years of being one of the top Manga sites, PokespecialTK was closed down by its creator on January 30, 2009.


There are seven sections on PokespecialTK. They are:

  • PokespecialTK: Several links about the site.
  • Pokémon Special: An intro to Pokémon Adventures, along with some speculations and a petition aiming to have an English version of the Manga printed.
  • Characters: Biographies on most of the major and minor characters in the Manga.
  • Summaries: Summaries of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn sagas.
  • Fanworks: Fanfictions written or drawn by visitors of the site. It includes quizzes and polls, along with a list of shippings.
  • FAQS: FAQS regarding the Manga and a How-To-Draw Guide written by Purin.
  • Resources: A list of fan-made Pokémon sites that the webmaster and co-webmasters recommend users visit.

Other Information

  • PokespecialTK is an affiliate Willow Haze, along with several other sites, including Zapchu and Poke Safari.


  • The creator's nickname, Purin, is the Japanese name for Jigglypuff.

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