Pokémon Tazos

A collection of Pokémon Tazos

Pokémon Tazos are small collectible round discs that were found in bags of chips made by Frito-Lay and its subsidiaries around the world, in the 1990s and 2000s. While Tazos do not exclusively feature Pokémon, they did adopt the phrase "Gotta Catch 'em All!" as part of their slogan. Pokémon Tazos feature not only Pokémon species, but human characters from the anime as well. Some Tazos, rarer than the others, had holograms.

Traditionally, Tazos are played in a manner similar to Pogs. Players form equal stacks of face-down Tazos and try to "win" Tazos from the other player by throwing a Tazo at the stack and keeping any Tazos that land face-up after being knocked over.

Pokémon Tazos are also assigned types with strengths and weaknesses printed on the back. Human characters are considered strong against all types.

Pokémon Tazos were available in many countries worldwide, including Australia, several Latin American countries, Brazil, France, a few countries in the Middle East, including Israel, and in certain Asian countries, including South Korea and Indonesia.


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