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Pokémon Sticker Book: Victini Edition

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Pokémon Sticker Book: Victini Edition
Victini Sticker Book.png
ISBN: 9781604381641
Published: 2011
Publisher: Pokémon USA
Author: Pokémon USA
Preceded By: None
Succeeded By: None

Pokémon Sticker Book: Victini Edition (ISBN 9781604381641) is a book that contains 450 Pokémon-themed stickers from Pokémon Black and White. All stickers are illustrated by Ken Sugimori. It was released along with the Pokémon Sticker Book: Black Edition and the Pokémon Sticker Book: White Edition, which make up the Pokémon Sticker Book series.


New Pokémon from the Unova Region are here--which ones will stick by your side? This Pokémon Sticker Book contains more than 400 fantastic stickers in three different sizes to collect, trade, and, of course, stick! Collect even more characters and more fun with the Pokémon Sticker Book: Black Edition and Pokémon Sticker Book: White Edition!

  • 'Includes over 40 foil stickers!
  • Features exclusive characters like the mighty Victini and more!

List of Stickers


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