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'''''→''' A bonus collector's '''KANTO''' poster!''
'''''→''' A bonus collector's '''KANTO''' poster!''

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Pokémon Kanto Handbook
Pokémon Kanto Handbook Cover.jpg
ISBN: 978-0-439-74146-0
Published: 2005
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Katherine Noll
Preceded By: The Official Pokémon Advanced Handbook 4
Succeeded By: Pokémon Sinnoh Handbook
back cover

Pokémon Kanto Handbook by Katherine Noll (ISBN 0439741460) is a handbook that was published in 2005, and is the sequel to The Official Pokémon Advanced Handbook #4. It served as a paper form of the Kanto Pokédex from FireRed and LeafGreen, and was released as an update of the original Official Pokémon Handbook in concordance with the remakes. It contained an entry for all the Pokémon in the Kanto Pokédex. The front cover has pictures of two of the final evolutions of the starter Pokémon (Charizard and Venusaur) that one can choose from in the remakes of the Generation I games.


So you think you've got everything you need to start your KANTO Pokémon journey, right? Empty Poké Balls waiting to be filled. A handy Pokédex filled with facts. It's a good start. But there's just one more thing you need to do...read this official handbook!


Pictures, stats, and facts, for over 150 KANTO Pokémon

The word on the new features in KANTO!

A detailed map of the KANTO region!

A bonus collector's KANTO poster!


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