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(Rounds: Viz Titles)
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* [[PS191|Round 191: VS Nosepass II]]
* [[PS191|Round 191: Blowing Past Nosepass II]]
* [[PS192|Round 192: VS Crawdaunt I]]
* [[PS192|Round 192: Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt I]]
* [[PS193|Round 193: VS Crawdaunt II]]
* [[PS193|Round 193: Stick This in Your Craw, Crawdaunt II]]
* [[PS194|Round 194: VS Mawile]]
* [[PS194|Round 194: Guile from Mawile]]
* [[PS195|Round 195: VS Makuhita]]
* [[PS195|Round 195: Mashing Makuhita]]
* [[PS196|Round 196: VS Beldum]]
* [[PS196|Round 196: Ring Ring Goes Beldum]]
* [[PS197|Round 197: VS Hariyama]]
* [[PS197|Round 197: Heavy Hitting Hariyama]]
* [[PS198|Round 198: VS Plusle & Minun I]]
* [[PS198|Round 198: Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun I]]
* [[PS199|Round 199: VS Plusle & Minun II]]
* [[PS199|Round 199: Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun II]]
* [[PS200|Round 200: VS Torkoal]]
* [[PS200|Round 200: Tripped Up by Torkoal]]
* [[PS201|Round 201: VS Slugma]]
* [[PS201|Round 201: Slugging It Out with Slugma]]
==Major events==
==Major events==

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Volume 15
Pokémon Adventures
Volume 17
Pokémon Adventures volume 16
Rounds included PS191 - PS201
Manga series Pokémon Adventures

Volume 16: From Dewford to Slateport is the sixteenth volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga and the second of eight volumes in the Ruby & Sapphire chapter. It is authored by 日下秀憲 Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by 山本サトシ Satoshi Yamamoto.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan October 28, 2003 ISBN 4091497160
First Edition by VIZ Media First
US/Canada VIZ Media May 7, 2013 ISBN 1421535505
First Edition by Chuang Yi First
Singapore Chuang Yi December 2004 ISBN 9812602070
First Edition by Daewon C.I. First
South Korea Daewon C.I. Unknown ISBN ????


Major events

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

Party changes


  • Neither Ruby nor Sapphire capture any new Pokémon in this volume.


Gym battles

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