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Pokémon Action Flipz (Premier Edition)

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If you were looking for the the set released in 2006, see Pokémon Advanced Action Flipz.
A packet of Pokémon Action Flipz

Pokémon Action Flipz were a series of "lenticular action collectibles" made by Artbox in 1999. Each Action Flipz consists of a lenticular image, usually of a Pokémon and its evolution. In total, there were 45 Action Flipz in the set: 40 regular Action Flipz, 4 Special Flipz, and one Rare Flipz. In addition, there were 24 stickers included in the set, all also available in the Artbox Pokémon sticker series.

At the time of the Pokémon Action Flipz's release, a customer could send away two empty packets of Action Flipz and a nominal fee in exchange for a special collector's album. The album was also available at retail shops.

Pokémon Action Flipz

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Regular Action Flipz

File:Action Flipz album 2.jpg
Collector's album of Pokémon Action Flipz
  1. Pikachu/Raichu
  2. Abra/Kadabra
  3. Clefairy/Clefable
  4. Bellsprout/Weepinbell
  5. Bulbasaur/Ivysaur
  6. Caterpie/Metapod
  7. Charmander/Charmeleon
  8. Cubone/Marowak
  9.  ???
  10. Drowzee/Hypno
  11.  ???
  12. Exeggcute/Exeggutor
  13. Eevee/Flareon
  14. Gastly/Haunter
  15. Geodude/Graveler
  16.  ???
  17. Grimer/Muk
  18. Growlithe/Arcanine
  19.  ???
  20. Horsea/Seadra
  21. Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff
  22.  ???
  23. Koffing/Weezing
  24. Krabby/Kingler
  25.  ???
  26. Magnemite/Magneton
  27.  ???
  28.  ???
  29. Eevee/Jolteon
  30.  ???
  31.  ???
  32.  ???
  33.  ???
  34.  ???
  35. Rattata/Raticate
  36.  ???
  37.  ???
  38.  ???
  39.  ???
  40. Weedle/Kakuna

Special Flipz

File:Action Flipz album.jpg
Collector's album front cover

Rare Flipz

  •  ???

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