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* [[PMBW13]]
* ''[[PMBW13|The Victory Pokémon and the Big Match!]]''
* [[PMBW14]]
* ''[[PMBW14|The New Member is an Architect!!]]''
* [[PMBW15]]
* ''[[PMBW15|I Want to Become a Pi~lot!]]''
* [[PMBW16]]
* ''[[PMBW16|I'm Rich!?]]''
* [[PMBW17]]
* ''[[PMBW17|Use SL Fuel to Dig!]]''
* [[PMBW18]]
* ''[[PMBW18|Clefairy's Demon Extermination]]''
* [[PMBW19]]
* ''[[PMBW19|Clefairy Squad Appears!!]]''
* [[PMBW20]]
* ''[[PMBW20|I Want to Eat the Christmas Cake!!]]''
* [[PMBW21]]
* ''[[PMBW21|Earn Big by Being a Producer!?]]''
* [[PMBW22]]
* ''[[PMBW22|Clefairy's First Dream Tactics]]''
* [[PMBW23]]
* ''[[PMBW23|Red, Graduation Ceremony of Tears...!?]]''
==Important events==
==Important events==

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Volume 1
Pocket Monsters BW
Volume 3
Pocket Monsters BW (Kosaku Anakubo) volume 2
Pokémon Pocket Monsters BW volume 2.png
Chapters included PMBW13 - PMBW23
Manga series Pocket Monsters BW (Kosaku Anakubo)

Volume 2 is the second volume of the Pocket Monsters BW manga created by 穴久保幸作 Kosaku Anakubo.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan May 28, 2012 ISBN 4091414478


Important events




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