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|epname=VS. Dialga and Palkia IV
|epname=VS. Dialga and Palkia IV
|desc={{p|Froslass}} was given to Platinum by [[Candice]]. She was first seen when Platinum sent her, along with the rest of her party, to help [[Looker]] at [[Stark Mountain]]. After they returned, she was used in Platinum's challenge at the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation IV)|Battle Hall}}.}} Froslass's only known move is {{m|Ice Shard}}.}}
|desc={{p|Froslass}} was given to Platinum by [[Candice]]. She was first seen when Platinum sent her, along with the rest of her party, to help [[Looker]] at [[Stark Mountain]]. After they returned, she was used in Platinum's challenge at the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation IV)|Battle Hall}}. Froslass's only known move is {{m|Ice Shard}}.}}

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Platinum Berlitz
プラチナ・ベルリッツ Platinum Berlitz
Platinum new clothes.png
Age 12 (as of the seventh chapter)
Gender Female
Eye color Gold, Silver
Hair color Black
Hometown Sandgem Town
Region Sinnoh
Relatives House of Berlitz
Trainer class Trainer

Platinum Berlitz (Japanese: プラチナ・ベルリッツ Platinum Berlitz) is the thirteenth main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures and the female main character for the Diamond & Pearl chapter and the Platinum chapter story arcs. At first, she was only known by her family name; her given name is the same as the then unreleased third version to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Platinum.


Platinum is a member of the house of Berlitz, a 200-year old and extremely financially powerful family of Sinnoh. She wears diamond and pearl rings. She does not give her name to commoners, instead insisting that they refer to her as Lady* (Japanese: お嬢様 Ojōsama, a term used to refer to the daughter of someone of high class).

She is very knowledgeable as a result of reading lots of books during her childhood. However, since beginning her journey she has decided that it is better to actually experience as much as possible. For this reason, Platinum challenges the Gyms of Sinnoh and also takes on other challenges such as the Super Contests of Hearthome City. She has shown a natural tendency to recognize patterns and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of various areas of Sinnoh and Pokémon in general, although towards the beginning of her journey, she had difficulty dealing with wild Pokémon. Despite her knowledgeable nature, Platinum originally had troubles with managing her money but was able to overcome this in her challenge of the Battle Castle.

Platinum is amazed by the closeness of Pearl and Diamond, as well as their various skills: Pearl's assortment of battling advice and Diamond's ability to cook Poffins and instincts on Pokémon. She also is an audience for their various Manzai attempts and is amused by them at times. Platinum often can be demanding of Pearl, annoying him. Platinum is also unaware of a crush Diamond has on her. It seems that, after saving her from Team Galactic, Platinum gains respect for Diamond and Pearl, by calling them by their first names, but, she still refuses to give her name. The boys assume her name is "Lady", hearing it from Pearl's Chatler, who repeated it from a conversation between Platinum and her butler. After formally accepting them as her bodyguards and friends, she revealed her real name to them.


Diamond & Pearl chapter

Platinum at the beginning of the seventh chapter

Platinum is introduced at the beginning of the seventh chapter as a member of the ancient Berlitz family, which has a tradition for its member's coming of age to travel to the peak of Mt. Coronet to obtain materials to make their personal family crest. At the suggestion of the Berlitz's butler, Sebastian, her father hired two bodyguards to protect her on her journey. Professor Rowan provided her with three Pokédexes, three Pokétches, and the three Sinnoh starter Pokémon so that Platinum would share them with her bodyguards to assist him in his research.

However, because Diamond and Pearl coincidentally match the bodyguards' description--one in a red scarf and the other in a green scarf--Platinum presumes they are her bodyguards instead, and the duo think that this journey is a sort of reality TV show. Platinum assumed that they were actually her bodyguards, chosen so the trio would not seem odd.

After several misadventures, the three reach Oreburgh City where Platinum plans to have her first Gym Battle. Platinum goes to challenge the Oreburgh Gym and battles the Gym Leader, Roark. Despite initial troubles, Platinum manages to defeat him with the assistance of Diamond and Pearl. Next, the group arrives at the Floaroma Town where they meet the daughter of the Valley Windworks Manager whose father had gone missing. They go to the Windworks to find out what happened and is attacked by a mysterious woman. Platinum watches as she defeats Diamond and Pearl and escapes with a windmill. After watching the two boys risk their lives, she gains a new set of respect for them and starts calling them by their first names.

After an adventure in the Old Chateau, Platinum and her travelling companions meet Gardenia, the Eterna City Gym Leader. After getting acquainted with her, Platinum begins training for her next Gym battle; the training causes Piplup, Chimler, and Tru to evolve into their first stage forms. They meet Cynthia, a passerby that had witnessed the evolution of their Pokémon who offers to help her with her Gym training. Next, Platinum challenges the Gym where she battles against Gardenia. Platinum manages to defeat her after taking advantage of Gardenia's battle strategy. They are given bikes by Rad Rickshaw who believes that they had rescued him from the clutches of Team Galactic and with the help of Diamond and Pearl, she learns how to ride it.

Next, the group travels to Mt. Coronet where they are attacked by Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic because they were annoying him. After being rescued from the rubble by Diamond and a wild Luxray, they arrive at Hearthome City where enters the Super Contest. After a misunderstanding, the audience decides to sabotage Platinum's performance and she becomes discouraged. Despite the initial trouble, with some encouragement from Diamond, Platinum is able to win the contest; she then takes Diamond and Pearl to accept the ribbon together, as they helped her through it. They later meet the Hearthome Gym Leader, Fantina, and she takes them to the Lost Tower where Platinum watches two Trainers battle against some Pokémon.

After separating from Fantina, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl arrive in Solaceon Town, where they meet the Pokémon News Press and help a pair of Unown find their friends in the Solaceon Ruins. After arriving at Veilstone City, Platinum finds the Veilstone Game Corner, and mistakes it for a hotel. Platinum develops a slight gambling addiction and continues playing the slots until Diamond and Pearl find her and take her to the hotel they were staying at. After practicing with an item that Platinum had won at the slots, they almost hit a young woman with an Ember fired by Chimler. The girl introduces herself to them as the Veilstone Gym Leader, Maylene, and accepts Platinum's Gym challenge. Later, at the Gym, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl go through the Gym and they eventually get to Maylene's location. As they begin battling, Platinum is shocked to find out that her Pokédex has gone missing and without it, she is unable to concentrate. After Diamond (who she had sent to find her Pokédex) reports to Pearl that he had found the Pokédex, he and Platinum get into a brief argument about Platinum breaking her promise to not go back to the Game Corner. Platinum quickly regains her composure and is able to defeat Maylene and reveals that she had never gone back to the Game Corner, but was almost tempted to.

After they walk in the dark streets of Veilstone after defeating Maylene, Platinum is knocked out by two unknown figures (actually her real bodyguards, Paka and Uji) and taken to the Veilstone Department Store. Eventually, she wakes up while Diamond, Pearl, Paka, and Uji battle Team Galactic outside and decides to work out with the exercise equipment she found inside of it.

Later, after the conflict with Team Galactic is resolved, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl travel to Lake Valor, where they meet Dr. Footstep. After a wild Hippowdon sends them flying, Platinum and Diamond land near the lake and are attacked by two Scientists that were preventing anyone from going near it. They eventually defeat the scientists and meet up with Pearl and Dr. Footstep.

Later, at the Great Marsh, Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl try and capture some Pokémon for Platinum to use in her Gym battle against the Pastoria City Gym Leader, Crasher Wake. After a series of failed events, Platinum just opts for borrowing Diamond's Tru and goes to the Gym despite being covered in mud. Platinum goes through the Gym, reaches Crasher Wake, and after a tough battle, is able to defeat him with Tru.

They later travel to the Pokémon Mansion where they meet up with Cynthia again and help her with a Psyduck outbreak on Route 210. They meet Cynthia's grandmother and follow her to the Celestic Town so that they can see the ruins. The ruins are attacked by the leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, who battles Diamond and Pearl while Platinum and Cynthia's grandmother watch from the sidelines. After Cyrus makes his leave, Platinum and the others meet up with Fantina again and fly to her Gym at Hearthome City. After some training, Platinum challenges the Gym where she finds some difficulty because of the Gyms challenge forcing Trainers to think logically with math problems and then dropping that logic while facing Fantina. Fantina has her Mismagius create confusing illusions during the battle, causing the knowledgeable and logical Platinum to get painful headache. With some encouragement from Pearl, Platinum manages to overcome the illusion and is able to defeat Fantina.

Soon after, Platinum and the others find a news report on Fantina's television about Professor Rowan and his assistant, Platinum's father, having gone missing. Platinum, worried about her father, immediately sets off to Canalave City, the place where they went missing, and ends up in the Canalave Gym after hearing her fathers voice inside of it. There, the group meets Gym Leader Byron and Platinum, believing him to be the cause of her fathers disappearance, attacks and easily defeats his Pokémon. After some clearing up, Platinum finds out that Byron did in fact, not kidnap the scientists, but is instead trying to figure out how to free them from a special cage that a Galactic Grunt had trapped them in.

Platinum goes to talk to her father and Professor Rowan and is shocked to find out that Diamond and Pearl are not her true bodyguards and that they have been lying to her the whole time. Needing some time to think, Platinum runs off; later that night, Platinum approached by the Cloak Grunt while sleeping, he frees the Professor and Platinum's father and reveals Team Galactic's plans to her. The next day, after Diamond and Pearl have revealed everything to Byron, Professor Rowan, and Sir Berlitz and are about to leave, Platinum stops them, reads a letter that is filled with apologies for every time she has lied to them and finally tells them her full name.

Ignoring her father's protests, Platinum decides that she, Diamond, and Pearl shall split up to save the Legendary Pokémon from the clutches of Team Galactic. After receiving the Mine Badge from Byron, Platinum sets off to northern area, Snowpoint City which holds Lake Acuity. The next morning, while in a hotel, Platinum sheds tears over to the fact that the sound her Pokédex makes when it is near Diamond and Pearl's, the "morning sound", is not playing, showing that she is truly alone for the first time.

After arriving at Route 216, Platinum decides to try skiing and accidentally ends up angering a group of Graveler on her first attempt. She manages to get away from them but gets caught in the snowstorm and almost freezes to death before being saved by Snowpoint Gym Leader, Candice. After putting on her new coat, Platinum notices Maylene walking through the snow and joins her while she gives her a tour of Snowpoint. After Maylene tells Platinum about Lake Acuity, she runs off to the Snowpoint Gym to get permission to go there by Candice.

After literally plowing her way through the Gyms challenge, Platinum reaches Candice and begins battling her. Though Platinum starts off with the advantage, things quickly get bad for her but she eventually manages to defeat Candice with the help of her newest team member, Lopunny. After receiving the Icicle Badge from Candice, she and Maylene join Platinum in her goal to stop Team Galactic from blowing up the three lakes. After taking a shortcut, they all eventually make it to Lake Acuity where they are confronted by one of the Team Galactic Commanders, Jupiter. Despite their best efforts, Jupiter is far too powerful for any of them to handle and are subsequently defeated. Jupiter succeeds in capturing Uxie while Platinum is forced to take Candice, Maylene, and herself to a mysterious temple while she has her Rapidash use his flames to protect them from the cold. Before falling unconscious, Platinum hears the sound of a Pokémon and tries to capture it in case it tries to attack them but falls asleep before she can; her Poké Ball then rolls into the temple, revealing a mysterious silhouette.

Later, Platinum wakes up in the Snowpoint Pokémon Center with no idea as to how she got there. Deciding to get stronger, Candice calls Byron and tells him to send a strong person to train them for a rematch with Jupiter. They go to the Spring Path to meet up with their tutor, the Sunyshore Gym Leader, Volkner. Due to a misunderstanding, Volkner loses interest in training them but with some begging from Platinum, he changes his mind and agrees to help while also making the training a Gym Battle.

After finishing her training and receiving the Beacon Badge, Platinum rushes off to the Galactic Veilstone Building while Candice and Maylene stay behind to finish their training. Platinum manages to easily sneak inside thanks to a previously laid distraction made by Pearl and begins searching for the Lake guardians. As she searches, her Pokédex begins ringing the morning sound, telling Platinum that Pearl and Diamond are somewhere nearby. Platinum manages to maneuver through a room filled with smoke and a loud painful noise created by the battle with Diamond and the Cloaked Grunt and reaches the container that has Uxie locked inside of it but is trapped inside with the Cloaked Grunt's Cradily. Realizing the Cloaked Grunt's obsession with the Pokédex will be his weakness, Diamond commands the other two to sacrifice their Pokédexes in order to distract them. Though painful at first, they do it, distracting the Cloaked Grunt's Pokémon long enough for all three to press the button that would release Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

Cynthia finds the three lying on the ground, knocked unconscious from the light that the Lake guardians created, and hastily takes them to the Spear Pillar. While travelling on Cynthia's Garchomp, Platinum gives Diamond a Mamoswine that he names Moo and reveals her newly earned Icicle and Beacon Badges. They eventually reach the Spear Pillar and the effect of Dialga and Palkia's battle causes time and space to distort around them. While Diamond and Pearl battle Dialga and Palkia, Platinum and Cynthia find the Gym Leaders, all knocked out from a previous battle by Cyrus. Candice, Gardenia, and Maylene all manage to wake up and give Platinum a Froslass, Cherrim, and Pachirisu but an attack fired from Dialga and Palkia breaks their Poké Balls, preventing them from being used. The attack causes a scroll that Cynthia was holding to fall out; Platinum picks it up and is able to read the archaic text on it that reveals the powers of Dialga and Palkia.

Time and Space begin to distort even further, sending people and Pokémon to random locations, even sending Dr. Footstep to the Spear Pillar. A black hole begins to form in the sky and begins sucking everyone into it while Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond try to keep the unconscious Gym Leaders from being sucked into it. As Diamond battles Dialga and Palkia with his newly acquired Regigigas and gives a speech on his view of Time and Space, Platinum realizes that his words are causing an imbalance on the Red Chain that is controlling the dragons. Platinum commands Diamond and Pearl to attack Dialga and Palkia at full power and they succeed in destroying the Red Chain, freeing them from Cyrus's control. Dialga and Palkia defeat Cyrus and the Sinnoh Pokédex holders celebrate their victory with a fist bump while Cynthia, Dialga and Palkia smile right next to them.

With Cyrus defeated and Platinum being on the Spear Pillar, she manages to make the crest that she had set out to do at the beginning of the seventh chapter. Platinum learns of the fate of her original bodyguards from Diamond and Pearl and decides that she has to go rescue them. As they go to take the Gym Leaders and Cyrus to the hospital, Diamond spots someone spying on them with a strange machine. Byron, the Underground Man, Sir Berlitz, and Professor Rowan, all emerge from the ground and when Byron takes the machine from the man, it causes mysterious black tentacles to shoot from the black hole and pull Dialga, Palkia, and the unconscious Cyrus into it. The man introduces himself as Charon and makes his escape; Diamond's Tung manages to steal a notebook from him just before he disappears from view.

Next, Platinum's mother, Professor Yanase Berlitz, is seen on a ship and receives a call from Platinum. She tells her daughter that they have found where Paka and Uji may have been sent to, the Distortion World.

Platinum chapter

The eighth chapter opens up with Platinum writing a letter to her mother that reveals that she is going to the Battle Zone alone while Diamond and Pearl are investigating the notes that were taken from Charon. She buys a villa and decides to use it as her base of operations. Platinum notices someone approaching her and attacks with her Lopunny; the person is revealed to be member of the International Police, Looker. They team up so that they can gather information about the Distortion World from the people in the Battle Zone.

After an accident involving Lady Caitlin, Platinum decides to challenge the Battle Castle first. They travel to the Battle Castle and Platinum starts her challenge of the facility. At first, it seems like Platinum can easily get through the challenge but starts getting worried when she learns she has to manage her Castle Points, and as a rich young woman, managing is something she has never done before. Eventually, she manages to reach the Frontier Brain, Castle Valet Darach, and does battle with him. Despite initial trouble, she manages to defeat him, learning how to manage her assets in the process.

After winning her first commemorative print, she and Looker are introduced to Buck, who had overheard them talking about Stark Mountain. Buck takes a picture of Team Galactic and goes to Stark Mountain under the belief that they are sneaking around there to capture the Legendary Pokémon Heatran while Platinum and Looker go back to the villa to decide what their next plan is. The next morning, Platinum goes to the Battle Arcade after being entranced by the odd music of the Battle Arcade's spokesman.

She goes through the Battle Arcade easily thanks to the skills she had gained by playing on the slots in Veilstone City. Eventually she reaches the Frontier Brain, Arcade Star Dahlia, and begins battling her. Due to an unexpected earthquake, Platinum is unable to press the button that signifies the event the battle will have and Dahlia does it instead. The roulette stops on the Pokémon swap button, causing Platinum and Dahlia to switch their teams. Platinum, unable to harm her own Pokémon, has troubles fighting Dahlia but some words of encouragement from the Arcade Star allow her to turn the battle around and defeat her.


On hand

Platinum's Rapidash
Main article: Platinum's Rapidash

Rapidash is a Pokémon that Platinum took from home as a Ponyta. A fairly weak battler, he is Platinum's means of transportation. He evolved in Canalave City. He has a Modest nature.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Platinum's Empoleon
Main article: Platinum's Empoleon

Empoleon, as a Piplup, was given to Platinum by Professor Rowan for her journey. She evolved, along with Tru and Chimler, during a training session in Eterna City. She evolved again later in the Veilstone City Department Store sometime around VS. Gible. She is often used by Platinum and is her strongest Pokémon. She has a Serious nature.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Platinum's Lopunny
Lopunny is a new capture on Platinum's team. She was caught while Platinum was on her way to Lake Acuity. She hasn't been used in many battles but was able to defeat Candice's Abomasnow. She has a Naive nature.

Lopunny's known moves are Jump Kick, Healing Wish, Focus Blast and Dizzy Punch and her ability is Cute Charm.

Debut VS. Froslass
Platinum's Froslass
Froslass was given to Platinum by Candice. She was first seen when Platinum sent her, along with the rest of her party, to help Looker at Stark Mountain. After they returned, she was used in Platinum's challenge at the Battle Hall. Froslass's only known move is Ice Shard.
Debut VS. Dialga and Palkia IV
Platinum's Pachirisu
Pachirisu was given to Platinum by Maylene who received it from Volkner. It was sent off with the rest of Platinum's Pokémon to help Looker.
Debut VS. Dialga and Palkia IV
Platinum's Cherrim
Cherrim was given to Platinum by Gardenia. It was sent off with the rest of Platinum's Pokémon to help Looker.
Debut VS. Dialga and Palkia IV


Diamond's Torterra
Main article: Tru

Platinum delivered Tru (Japanese: るー Rū) when he was a Turtwig to Diamond who she thought was her bodyguard. He was given to Platinum once again when he became a Torterra. She used Tru to battle Crasher Wake. After her gym battle was done, she gave Tru back to Diamond.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Pearl's Monferno
Main article: Chimler

Platinum gave Chimler (Japanese: サルヒコ Saruhiko) when he was a Chimchar to Pearl who she thought was her bodyguard. Way after Chimler evolved into Monferno, he was given to Platinum to challenge Maylene in Veilstone City. She gave Chimler back after she was done with her gym challenge.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Diamond's Mamoswine
Moo (Japanese: むー Mū) was originally Platinum's Pokémon until she gave it away to Diamond.
Debut VS. Dialga & Palkia I
Fantina's Drifblim
Main article: Fantina's Drifblim

Fantina lent her Drifblim to Diamond and Platinum so that they could get to Canalave quickly as there was no other way for them to get there. It is unknown if Drifblim was returned to Fantina.

Debut VS. Croagunk & Abra I
Pearl's Chatot
Main article: Chatler

Chatler (Japanese: ペラヒコ Perahiko) was given to Platinum to challenge Maylene in Veilstone City. She gave Chimler back after she was done with her gym challenge.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Diamond's Munchlax
Lax was given to Platinum to battle Fantina. After finishing her gym battle, she returned Lax to Diamond.

Lax's known moves are Tackle, Lick, Fling and Rollout. He has a Relaxed nature and his ability is Pickup.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Dahlia's Ludicolo
Ludicolo was given by Dahlia to Platinum. She gave Dahlia one of her Pokémon. It was then given back to Dahlia.
Debut Vs. Ivysaur
Dahlia's Medicham
Medicham was given by Dahlia while Platinum gave her one of her Pokémon. It was then returned to her.
Debut Vs. Ivysaur
Dahlia's Togekiss
Togekiss was given by Dahlia to Platinum. She then gave Dahlia one of her Pokémon. It was then returned to the frontier brain.
Debut Vs. Ivysaur
Platinum's Qwilfish
Qwilfish was a Rental Pokémon used in the Battle Factory.

Qwilfish's known moves are Destiny Bond, Rollout, Pin Missile and Toxic Spikes and its ability is Poison Point.

Debut Unknown
Grimer was a Rental Pokémon used in the Battle Factory.

None of its moves are known.

Debut Unknown
Loudred was a Rental Pokémon used in the Battle Factory.

Loudred's only known moves are Roar and Stomp (it knows some other sound-based moves as well) and its ability is Soundproof.

Debut Unknown
Platinum's Kadabra
Kadabra was a Rental Pokémon used in the Battle Factory.

Kadabra's known moves are Miracle Eye, Focus Punch, Drain Punch and Psycho Cut.

Debut Unknown


  • In the beginning of the Diamond & Pearl chapter of Pokémon Adventures, there were some moments where Platinum's first name was actually said, but her first name was always covered by another speech bubble to show that it was drowned out by that person's speech.
  • Platinum is one of three Pokédex holders to have a known last name, the other two are Blue and Sapphire. Out of the three, she is the only one not to share her last name with an in-game professor, as she is not related to one.
  • Platinum is the only female Pokédex holder who does not name her Pokémon.
  • James, Juan and Selphy also have butlers named Sebastian.


Language Name Origin
Japanese お嬢様 Ojōsama
プラチナ・ベルリッツ Platinum Berlitz
A respectful term used to refer to the daughter of a high-class family.
From the game, Pokémon Platinum.
English (Singapore) Missy
Platinum Berlitz
Refers to a young woman.
From the game, Pokémon Platinum.
Korean 아가씨 Agassi
플래티나 베를리츠 Platina Bereulich
Refers to a young woman.
From the game, Pokémon Platinum.
Chinese 大小姐 Dà Xiǎojiě
貝爾里慈 Bèi’ěrlicí
Means Great lady.
Transliteration of Berlitz.
Thai พลาติน่า เบลิซ Platina Belitz Direct Pronunciation of Japanese

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