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Animation showing Arceus's forms

A Plate (Japanese: プレート Plate) is a type of held item introduced in Generation IV, primarily for use in changing the type and form of Arceus and the type of its signature move, Judgment to the corresponding type of Plate. However, it will also increase the attack power of moves of the Plate's type used by any Pokémon holding it by 20%. There is a Plate available for every elemental type except Normal, and while there exists a Template:Type2 Arceus in the Generation IV data, there is no associated ??? Plate, meaning there are 16 Plates in total. In Generation V, the ???-type has been removed from the data altogether.

The 16 Plates are spread far and wide across Sinnoh, and additional ones can also be dug up in the Underground. The captain of the S.S. Aqua will also give one away in index number order each day; however the player must have all 16 badges first. In Pokémon Black and White, two of the plates are given to the player by a treasure hunter in a house in Route 13. The treasure hunter will mention that he found the plates in the Abyssal Ruins, and indeed the rest of the plates can be found there. What follows is a list of what effect a Plate has when held and where they can be found in Generation IV, besides in the Underground, and in Generation V.

List of Plates


Each Plate has a different engraving which reveals part of the myth of the creation of the Pokémon universe. No engraving is tied to a specific Plate; they will appear each one at a time depending on how many Plates the player has found so far, with the ninth Plate found using the same engraving as the first. In Platinum, after talking to the Hiker on the second floor of the Canalave Library, a book on the second floor with the engravings written in it will be left by the Hiker the player met in Oreburgh Mine.


Mine Draco Plate.png Mine Dread Plate.png Mine Earth Plate.png Mine Fist Plate.png
Draco Plate Dread Plate Earth Plate Fist Plate
Mine Flame Plate.png Mine Icicle Plate.png Mine Insect Plate.png Mine Iron Plate.png
Flame Plate Icicle Plate Insect Plate Iron Plate
Mine Meadow Plate.png Mine Mind Plate.png Mine Sky Plate.png Mine Splash Plate.png
Meadow Plate Mind Plate Sky Plate Splash Plate
Mine Spooky Plate.png Mine Stone Plate.png Mine Toxic Plate.png Mine Zap Plate.png
Spooky Plate Stone Plate Toxic Plate Zap Plate

In the anime

Plates first appeared in Journey to the Unown!, where Saturn and two Galactic Grunts placed them in a room of the Solaceon Ruins to obtain the Spear Key and awaken the Unown there. These Plates were specifically the Draco Plate, Iron Plate, and Splash Plate, which power up the three types of Palkia and Dialga (Dragon, Steel, and Water) combined.

The Plates appeared again in Arceus and the Jewel of Life, where Arceus used them to change its type, and almost died when it lost all of the Plates after having destroyed a meteor. Damos found one of these lost Plates and returned it to Arceus, giving it the strength to recall the other 15 plates. That act earned its trust and prompted it to detach the Earth Plate, Splash Plate, Meadow Plate, Zap Plate, and Draco Plate in the form of the Jewel of Life so Damos could make Michina Town flourish.

In the manga

Several Plates

Pokémon Adventures

The plates first appeared in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter. The plates were used by Team Rocket in order to summon Arceus.


  • While the presence of hidden Plates can be determined with the Pokétch application Dowsing Machine, their exact location is difficult to ascertain. The Plate's exact location must be touched on the Dowsing Machine in order for it to be revealed.
  • Plates may have some relation to shards, which are described as pieces of ancient tools. Their underground sprites likewise indicate that they are merely broken parts of plates.
  • Although there is not a plate to change Arceus's type to ???-type, in the "After You Complete Diamond and Pearl" guide, in the Underground section, in the list of plates it includes "Magical Plate". The reason for this is unknown, although it is possible there was originally going to be such a plate.
  • While all plates will rearrange Arceus's Pokéathlon stats, the Draco Plate will boost Arceus's total Pokéathlon stats by 1.

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